Let’s collab : Lilac shirt for the hubby!


Recently I was contacted by Marjolein from ‘Hemd voor Hem‘. She asked if I would be interested in a collaboration: I would get a free shirt for my husband in return for a blogpost.

As my husband has been my supporter number one ever since I started blogging and as he takes a lot of my outfitpictures, I thought it would be only fair that he was gifted a shirt… I did warn him though that he had to do some modelling then to show off the shirt… no probs 😀

My husband has got a weak spot for shirts. He would buy shirts anywhere, anytime. So when we were offered this collaboration he was over the moon… picking out a shirt… for FREE 😀 That would be a breeze… he thought…

‘Hemd voor Hem’ sells shirts… a LOT of shirts… and picking out only one was quite a tough task if you ask me!!

The site is very clear though. You can use a lot of filters, but still the offer is so extensive! They’ve got some fab brands, many different fits, colours,…

My husband is someone who loves navy and black… so I was quite surprised he picked out this beautiful lilac shirt from Eterna.

A couple of days later we received a lovely gift box from ‘Hemd voor Hem’. In it was a very beautiful shirt, great quality, lovely fabric… but unfortunately the shirt was way too big 😦 Oh well… lesson learned… my tip: check the detailed size chart you can find with every shirt ‘Hemd voor Hem’ has on offer!


Fortunately, we could easily return the shirt and pick another one. This time we checked all measurements mentioned on the size chart!

My husband chose another lilac shirt, but from a different brand (Michaelis) and in a tighter fit. A couple of days later we received the shirt and this time it was spot on!





This shirt is really beautiful. It fits perfectly, the fabric is of good quality and easy to iron (!!) and the colour is fabulous! I think my husband looks really smart in it, don’t you agree?!DSC_5887

Below I list the pros and cons of this collaboration.


  • extensive choice
  • correct and quick shipping & handling
  • easy return policy
  • different price ranges
  • detailed size charts (do check them!!)
  • different indication for the fit (extremely tight fit, tight fit, normal fit, loose fit,…)


  • Absolutely none that I can think of… the hardest part was just picking out only one shirt 😀


We can definitely recommend Hemd voor Hem. The service is correct, they’ve got an extensive offer and different price ranges. My husband has seen some other shirts on the site and is already thinking of ordering another shirt 😀

Love, Kathleen

PS: We got this shirt for free as part of a collaboration. This review is our honest opinion on the shirt and on the collaboration with ‘Hemd voor Hem’.







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