Beauty ‘n Fashion: Leopard ‘n red


Leopard ‘n red is always a good idea and especially during these final days of September 🙂 Let me tell you something more about this outfit…

Let’s start with the skirt… a golden oldie definitely! It’s from Dolce and Gabbana and I bought it at an outlet in Paris when I was visiting my fave city way back in 2009 along with my three kids, my best friend Katrien and her two kids. We were going to Disneyland, but squeezed in a day in the city of lights as well! We had a fabulous time you can imagine 🙂 and when I found this skirt… I was over the moon you can imagine!





The colour is fabulous, the fabric is of such an exquisite quality and the pleats are gorgeous. I bought it when I had just lost a lot of weight because of a virus… but unfortunately couldn’t wear it very much the next years as I was a bit… well… round in the hip area 🙂

But I could never part with it and I’m so glad I didn’t!!! I have just lost a bit of weight and I am so proud I can zip it up properly again 😀

I always found it quite difficult to style this skirt, so I only wore black with it. But ever since Greet Moens helped me out last year (see this post!!), I’m being a bit more daring concerning styling and combining colours.


So today I am wearing it with a leopard top I bought at H&M a couple of years ago. I love the combination of the print and the fake leather short sleeves. And the print comes back in my booties.

I have found another, even more daring way to style this skirt… I will share it with you in a future ‘outfit of the week’ post, I promise 🙂

What do you think of this combination? How would you style a red, pleated skirt?

Love, Kathleen





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