Beauty ‘n Fashion: Beauty tips that cost you (next to) nothing (part II)

2015-06-22 coconut oil2

Some time ago I gave you some beauty tips which are very budget-friendly as they cost you nothing or just a teeny tiny bit (see this post). Well there’s good news… I’ve got some more tips for you!

1.Use your lipstick as a blush

Blended in carefully, these would make great blushes!

Now I must admit, I couldn’t use this tip on a daily base… but I have used it when I ran out of blush and I also use this tip when I’m on a daytrip. Most of the time on a daytrip, my make-up looks ab fab in the morning, but by the time we go out for diner I look a bit washed out. Well then, I go to the ladies room, use a bit of concealer, mascara and lipstick and I apply a bit of lipstick on my cheeks as well, which gives an instant boost!

Of course you’ve gotta be careful which colour of lipstick you apply to your cheeks, but an orangy, reddish or pinkish colour will do the trick 🙂

2.Coconut oil

2015-06-22 coconut oil2

Well I have raved about coconut oil more than once here on my good, fab and lovely blog and I will do it once again! One of my very first beauty posts was about coconut oil (here) and then I shared with you this post as well.

Andt it’s definitely worth mentioning again as coconut oil really is very cheap and is a multi-task product!

You can use it:

  • as a cleanser
  • to make your own scrub
  • as a hair mask
  • as a face mask
  • as a body lotion
  • as lipcare
  • as a cleanser for your make-up brushes

3. Cleanse your make-up brushes

To avoid having to buy new make-up brushes, you could cleanse them regularly. It’s not only great for your wallet, but it’s hygienic as well. Not cleaning your brushes can lead to breakouts because of the bits of make-up, dirt and bacteria that are clogged up in the bristles of the brush.

Here’s a tip on how to cleanse your make-up brushes:

  • make the bristles wet with lukewarm water
  • put a bit of coconut oil in the palm of your hands and swirl the brush in the oil
  • rinse the brush under water and repeat until the brush comes out clean
  • leave the brush on a cloth to dry
  • make sure not to moisten the handle as that can loosen up the glue of the bristles

Do you have beauty budget tips? Feel free to share them in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

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