Beauty : Coconut oil

2015-06-22 coconut oil2
Coconut oil, the best beauty budget buy ever !

Recently I have discovered a few wonders and miracles of pure coconut oil. I stumbled upon a jar of coconut oil in my local beauty supermarket… it was hidden near hair colour and care for afro hair. I suddenly remembered some celebrity (whose name I forgot) stating,  that she was really taken with the wonders of coconut oil and revealing it as her beauty secret. I couldn’t remember what the hell she did with the coconut oil, but hey…  4,49 EUR for a jar of wonders… it couldn’t possibly be a rip off ?!

Coming home I searched the net what I could do with coconut oil and there are so many options ! I only tried a few so far, but I am really impressed with the product. Believe me… coconut oil is not only beneficial for those with beautiful dark skin and magic afro hair !! I have been using the oil mainly as a body lotion. You scrape out a bit of oil out of the jar with a little spatula (as it’s quite hard), but when rubbing it between your hands, it instantly becomes oily. It’s quite greasy, so make sure to wait at least 30 minutes before putting on your clothes ! And be warned… a little goes a long way… a VERY long way as I discovered during my first smearing session.

I also put some oil on my hands and cuticles and I didn’t forget my feet as in this sandal weather, they suffer a great deal ! Last night I also used it to remove my make-up. I massaged it on my face and took it off with lukewarm water and lotion. Afterwards I applied just a little on my face again as night cream…

I read that putting the oil on your eyelashes makes them grow… I do hope this is true as unfortunately I am not gifted with sexy long lashes ! And don’t waste anything… run your coconut oil hands through your hair as it is said to be good for your hair as well !

So every night now I spread myself with coconut oil… from head to toe ! The oil I use doesn’t smell, so I don’t feel like a Bounty which is fine by me.

I also have used it to highlight my cheekbones, upper eyelid and cupid bow. It gives an instant shine on those places I want the light to catch. Put some on your lips, which makes them nice and shiny, but also to get rid of any chapped lips.

You could also use it as a facial mask and a face and body scrub. I haven’t tried that yet, but I am certainly going to very soon. I will fill you in with all the details once I have mastered my homemade scrub and face mask skills !

Do you have any suggestions for the use of coconut oil ? Please do tell as I am eager to expand my knowledge on this product… Once I have discovered more uses, miracles and wonders of coconut oil, I will certainly do another post on it. But for now I can say : coconut oil… the best beauty budget buy I did in ages !

Love, Kathleen

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