Beauty ‘n Fashion: Colours for fall


You might remember my latest outfitpost from two weeks ago where I showed a red ‘n leopard outfit.

Well today I show you the same skirt, but I’ve styled it so differently! Let’s take a look…

I styled this skirt with leopard last time, but this time I add colours… lot’s of clashing colours to be more precise! And yet I think it works…

This red skirt has quickly become a favourite again. I wasn’t able to wear it for several years, but I’m ever so glad I’ve lost some weight as this skirt is just too ab fab to be gathering dust in the wardrobe! The colour is so beautiful, the fabric is of very good quality and I love the pleats!

So I am searching several ways to style this skirt as I want to wear it a lot the coming months. Today I am styling it with a lovely soft cardigan I bought at Steps at the end of the summer sales.

The fabric contains a bit of mohair, so it is very soft to the touch and also very warm. The red in the border of the cardigan complements the red of my skirt an as there is also a bit of blush in the cardigan, I decided to combine it with my blush blouse I bought last year.

Blush and red is a colour combination I wouldn’t have put together if it wasn’t for my wardrobe make-over with Greet Moens last year (see this post). She has taught me to look at colours and clothes in a different way! And yes, the green of the cardigan is another colour clash, but as I’ve mentioned before… it works!



Now some might think this outfit is a bit over the top, concerning the colours… some might not get this way of styling and to some it might be inspirational!

Fashion is not always about perfectly matching items… no, it’s all about having fun and wearing what you like and what you feel good in… I dare you!

Love, Kathleen







5 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Colours for fall

    1. Thank you 😀 that cardigan is too good to be true 🙂 It’s a summer sale I will definitely wear A LOT during fall and winter! It’s cosy and the colours is so powerful! Love it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Love, Kathleen x

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