Boost your energy: Setting myself some goals for 2019


During the final days of 2017 I set myself some resolutions for 2018 (see this post). And to make sure I’d stick with them this time, I decided to write regular updates on my blog about them, just to keep myself alert. Just to keep me thinking about them and not only that… to make sure I’d actually do something with these resolutions!

Now I’m going to be honest… writing these updates has been my BEST resolution of 2018! It has seriously kept me on track. It has kept me thinking about my resolutions all year round and it has made me determined to do the same in 2019 😀

Now… what resolutions will I set myself for 2019… what do I want to achieve? What are my goals? Let’s find out…

Keep watch over my 2018 goals


I’ve done so good with my 2018 goals that it would be such a pity to lose everything I’ve worked for so hard!

So I have promised myself that I will keep on watching my 2018 goals during the new year as well. I guess some of these goals have become a habit, a new lifestyle for me.

The first one is exercisingI’m so glad I did in this ‘department’ and I do feel so much better physically now than one year ago! Even during these colder winter months I’ve gone for a run at least once a week so I definitely want to keep going with that.


Drinking and eating wisely will always stay a challenge for me as I’m such a bon-vivant to be honest! I do however feel more confident in my body now than a couple of kilos ago, so I guess I’ll just have to persevere on that department as well. The festive period is quite hard… all the wining and dining… all those good, fab and lovely parties… I will have to get myself on track again once the New Year is coming I guess! But I’m determined… I have done so good last year, so I know I can do it again in 2019!

Another goal I had set myself was to start saving for my Australia trip. I really want to visit Australia by the time I’m 50… 2,5 years to go… 2,5 years to keep filling up my piggy bank (I just got a new one from my godson and this will come in very handy as the one I bougth last year is nearly full!). I am so curious how much money I will have saved by the end of 2019!!


On the book department I’ve done really well in 2018… so I guess reading 12 books won’t be a problem in 2019 either! I won’t raise the number though as I want to set myself realistic challenges… I don’t want my goals giving me stress 😉

Quality time with family and friends is something that shouldn’t be a goal. But I set it as a goal just to remind myself to actually make an extra effort here or there to spend some time with my loved ones! Did go well in 2018 and I don’t see any difficulties for the next year either as we’ve already got plenty of activities and parties lined up already!

Some serious quality time with my youngest daughter during a citytrip to Madrid!

I’ve been blogging for 3,5 years now and I still have loads of ideas. I should perhaps make an effort of a new lay-out or something, set myself an extra challenge for my blog? But I don’t want to put the pressure on too high as this good, fab and lovely blog of mine is just a hobby… I still get a lot of satisfaction out of blogging, so why stop?!

One more goal from 2018 I will definitely take with me into 2019: keep watch over my stress levels. I’ve been feeling really good and confident this past year, even though there were some extremely challenging times, especially at work. I just try to focus myself on the positive people and things that surround me. That’s what gives me strength and energy and I try to spread a positive feeling towards other people as well.


I will set myself a couple of new challenges. Not too many as I really want to be realistic about my resolutions. I want the challenges/goals to be obtainable. I don’t want them to put too much of a strain on me as… well… you know…I’ve got to watch my stress levels 😀 but I did find some good ones!

Focus on photography

Ever since I’ve got a blog, I’ve been taking heaps of pictures specifically for my blog. But I must say, those are mere pictures and not exactly photographs or images.

I used to find  a lot of satisfaction and energy in going on a photography trip, so that’s where I want to challenge myself!

I’ve got this book ‘The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas’ and well, the title says it all really! Mind… I won’t do all 307 😀 I will try to do one every two months and of course I will keep you updated here on my blog!

Do some bigger chores around the house

For this goal I seriously wish we would have some gnomes doing these chores while we sleep… alas… we don’t… so we will have to make sure to make time for them ourselves 😦 You know… I really don’t like doing these larger projects! I work fulltime so I like to keep my weekends fun fun fun, but we definitely have to tackle some of these chores as we are gathering too much stuff…

Some of the chores I would like  to have done this next year are:

  • clear out garage
  • clear out utility room
  • clear out garden shed
  • clear out guest bedroom
  • paint our room
  • clear out closets
  • finally replace the curtain between our hall and living room with a full-functioning, state of the art, double door!!

Now I will be ever so glad to have fulfilled just a couple of these chores by the end of the year… I’ll keep you posted!


So, ladies and gents… I will be back on March 1st with a first update… hope to come back to you with some good news about my resolutions!

Will you set yourself some resolutions for the New Year? How will you make sure you’ll obtain them?

Love, Kathleen


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