Beauty ‘n Fashion: New Year’s Eve Outfit


It’s all about festive outfits these days, isn’t it?! I don’t know yet what I’ll wear on New Year’s Eve, but this outfit sure is on the shortlist!

I have worn this skirt several times this year, the first time during Easter. It’s one I bought at an outlet village because honestly… I’d never be able to afford an Armani skirt at full price 🙂

I love the asymmetrical hemline of this skirt and what about that colour! Showstopper 🙂


For this party outfit, I combine the skirt with a sexy black body from Simon Pérèle, a French lingerie brand. This body has a deep V at the back and the front. The front is filled with beautiful lace to keep things a bit decent ;-). Even though this body is very revealing, I still feel comfortable in it because it stays put!


But still I want to start a little discussion here… do you think 45+ women should cover their arms or not? I am quite aware my arms don’t look at their best anymore, but actually I don’t care very much. I know lots of women my age don’t dare to wear sleeveless tops and dresses, but shouldn’t you just wear what you want, even it shows imperfect arms?! What are your thoughts?! Tell me in the comments!


Now to come back to the outfit… I am wearing my Trussardi sandals. I bought these sandals for my sisters wedding last year and I still love them! Even though they are quite high, they’re very comfortable and I can wear them for hours on end (even whilst dancing!).

The cute little handbag is one I’ve been having for years. I think I once got it for free buying some beauty products at the pharmacy! But once in a while, I get it out of the cupboard as it is a perfect party handbag.

Yip… quite a revealing outfit, but fit for a party!

Love, Kathleen






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