Beauty ‘n Fashion: From work to party


During these first days and weeks of the new year there are often work parties/drinks/events to attend. What to wear to one of those events… and what if that work event takes place right after you clock out and you don’t have time to go home to change? Take a look on how I tackle this ‘problem’ 😉

A couple of weeks ago, I bought this lovely printed dress at H&M. It was only 35 EUR so, seriously… how could I leave it hanging in the racks?!

This is a dress I know I’ll wear a lot. It’s a dress you can wear to work, but worn with the right accessories, it’s fit for a party as well! Perfect to go from work to party if you ask me 🙂 and here’s how I do that…

Work outfit


For work I wear this dress a bit ‘country’. I button it up completely and I wear it with my brown Picolino boots, a brown belt and my denim jacket (also from H&M at only 15 EUR on sale!!).


Now how to take this (or any other) outfit to a party? Well, make sure to think about the details: change your shoes, add a clutch, alter your jewellery, add a fab red lip,…

Party outfit


To make this outfit fit for a party, I changed my  boots for a lovely burgundy heel. These Tamaris pumps are so elegant and give this dress a completely different look.

I changed the brown belt for a golden one, opened up some buttons to show some cleavage and legs and I added some jewellery: my lovely golden necklace from Dansk Smykkekunst and my Gripoix earrings.

I ditched the work bag for a lovely little golden clutch and there’s nothing like entering a party in a faux fur jacket don’t you think?! This one complements the dress so well I think!


What do you think of the changes I made to my work outfit to make it fit for a party? Yay or nay? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen







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