Beauty ‘n Fashion: Qiriness – Wrap D’Or


On Christmas Eve we partied into the small hours of morning. As we had another party lined up on Christmas Day, I wanted to make a bit of an effort to look the part so I had bought some goodies for a good old at home facial!

I started my at home facial with cleansing my skin with the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil (review) and the  Replenishing Oil Exfoliator from La Mer (review).

And then it was on the two masks I had bought: one for the face and one for the eyes. Today I will tell you more about the face mask, the Qiriness Wrap D’Or, next week you can read about the one for the eyes, the Qiriness Wrap Yeux Hyal-Eclat

The promises

This is what I could read on the Qiriness website about the Qiriness Wrap D’Or:

‘This mask imbibed with a powerful serum replete with anti-aging ingredients, acts on the main causes of skin aging to reveal a visibly younger complexion.’


How to use

Take both parts of the face mask out of the package and put them onto your face. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, take off and massage in the remainder of the serum. You don’t need to rinse the serum off.

I squirted the remainder of the serum out of the package and put it on my cleavage, making sure not to spoil anything!


  • I love uni-dose face masks as I think it’s hygienic and practical.
  • The mask didn’t glide away, even when I was folding some laundry whilst wearing it!
  • My skin felt really tight and firm after taking off the mask.
  • The serum hydrates the skin intensly.
  • Long-lasting effect: two days after using this face-mask I could still feel the benefits!
  • After taking off the mask, the serum didn’t feel too tacky or greasy so I didn’t feel the urge to rinse it off as I have with other face masks. I massaged the serum in so it could work its magic even longer.
  • A bit of luxury at a very nice price! This face mask costs about 6,5 EUR.
  • As this face mask is a shiny golden one, you feel like some sort of superhero 😀


  • None whatsoever!


I will probably buy this face mask again as it really delivered what it promised… a firmer, hydrated and smoother skin!

Love, Kathleen


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