Let’s collab: ♥ Valentine shirt for my love ♥


Still in doubt what to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Well read on and you might just find the answer right here and now 🙂

Because what about a crispy white, classic shirt that has a little twist? Yip… this isn’t just a nice white shirt ladies… it has a little something that makes it extra special and just perfect to give to your partner on Valentine’s Day!


As it happens, this shirt has an embroidered bright red kiss on the collar… now how’s that for a little surprise! As the embroidery is on the inner side of the collar, it isn’t too obvious and showy, but it’s just a little different don’t you think?

We got this shirt from Hemd voor Hem, a Dutch company which sells shirts and many other stuff for men online. You can find the link to this fabulous shirt (which is from the brand Eterna) right here!


The fabric of the shirt is of very good quality. I like the cut of the collar and the best news is that it irons so easily! Sometimes cotton shirts can be hell to iron… and they often end up way below in my laundry basket as I keep on postponing to iron them. But not this one as it is made of an iron-free cotton. To me it’s not completely iron-free, but nearly which is good enough for me 😉

Hemd voor Hem ships really quickly. We received the shirt the day after we ordered it and it came in a beautiful box, perfect to give as a present!

Would your husband wear a shirt with a red kiss in the collar or not? Mine loves it ;-D

Love, Kathleen

PS: We got this shirt for free as part of a collaboration. This review is our honest opinion on the shirt and on the collaboration with ‘Hemd voor Hem’.


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