Beauty ‘n Fashion: Mylène – Beauty Serum


I usually use a serum underneath my day/nightcream and lately I have been using this Beauty Serum from Mylène. This serum is now sold in another bottle, but the product itself is still the same, so below you can read my opinion!

The promises

This is what I could read on the Mylène website :

“This instant lifter gives your skin a serious boost. The Beauty Serum protects your skin against external influences that can have harmful effects, whilst giving your skin a refreshing effect. This Beauty Serum deals with fine wrinkles, fatigue, stress, …”



  • Using this serum really tightens my skin so it gives me the impression to be really anti-aging.
  • It refreshens my skin.
  • Pleasant smell, but it’s hypo-allergenic so it can be used on all skintypes.
  • Beautiful bottle (but now it’s a different package which is less beautiful, but the pump system works better!).
  • Economic in use.
  • The price: this beauty serum is only about 25 EUR for a 50 ml bottle.
  • Mylène used to sell its products through homeparties, but now the sell online as well!


  • The pump system on this bottle doesn’t work too well. Fortunately, on the new package, they put another (better-working) pump system.


I love using this beauty serum and I might be persuaded to buy it again as it’s a very good quality for a friendly price!

Love, Kathleen


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