Trips ‘n Travels: France – Versailles, an evening walk and diner in a fancy place


A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I had reason to celebrate big time as it was our 25th Wedding Anniversary. One weekend we celebrated with family and friends and the weekend after that, we celebrated once more, but this time just the two of us, during a weekend break to Versailles.

Last week you could read about our visit to the Palace of Versailles (here). Today I take you on an evening walk and I share with you where we had diner.

After our visit to the Palace of Versailles, we went to our hotel to get changed for our diner date. The restaurant we had chosen was a 20 minute walk from our hotel and as the weather was really nice, we decided to walk and thus explore the city of Versailles a bit more.

Beneath you see some photos of our walk. Versailles is a beautiful city to wander around in and at night, when all the day tourists are gone, it is really nice and tranquil. You can see royalty has lived in Versailles as there are many beautiful and grand houses to explore.






Now, which restaurant did we chose to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary? Well… since we both are Gordon Ramsay fans, we opted for one of the two restaurants he has at the Waldorf Hotel in Versailles:  ‘La Véranda by Gordon Ramsay’.

The other restaurant (‘Gordon Ramsay au Trianon’) is a Michelin starred restaurant which is also situated in the Waldorf Hotel and even though we like to wine and dine, we found the prices at this restaurant a bit to the steep side so we opted for the less expensive ‘La Véranda’.


Now we definitely weren’t disappointed. First of all, the hotel is just exquisite… it’s grand, chique and very luxurious!! I wouldn’t mind spending a couple of nights here to be honest 🙂


We started our diner date with some cocktails in the fancy lounge of the Waldorf Hotel. I opted for a gin and tonic, my husband ordered a mojito.


After we finished our drinks, we were lead into the restaurant. We chose to have the three course menu. We had a choice out of 6 first courses, 10 main courses and 6 desserts, so plenty of choice!


Here’s what my husband had:

  • Crusted pâté of poultry, duck and foie gras, Piccalilli condiment
  • Braised Angus flank,”Bourguignon” style, carrots, onions
  • Hazelnut-chocolate with vanilla and passion fruit




And this was my choice:

  • Marrow velouté, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese
  • Veal tenderloin, seasonal sauted vegetables and veal jus
  • Milky jam crumble, salted caramel ice cream




Everything was cooked to perfection and the staff was very friendly and thoughtful (they even brought us some extra chocolates as a treat for our wedding anniversary!).


I could definitely recommend having diner at La Véranda… you won’t be disappointed!

Love, Kathleen





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4 thoughts on “Trips ‘n Travels: France – Versailles, an evening walk and diner in a fancy place

    1. Hey, het was idd wel eens de moeite om een avondwandelingetje door Versailles te maken! En het restaurant… om duimen en vingers af te likken 😀 een nachtje in het hotel verblijven was jammer genoeg een beetje duur 😉 Groetjes, Kathleen

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  1. Glad you venture into the beautiful city. the mayor’s office did a survey where 98% of visitors just go to the palace/museum! There is a lot of historical places to see there and even walking distance from the palace/museum! Great post!

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    1. I am glad we did this evening walk. At first we wanted to take a taxi, but as we had enough time and the weather was nice, we decided to take a stroll… don’t regret it 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Love, Kathleen

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