Beauty ‘n Fashion: Red for summer


In today’s outfitpost I share with you yet another colourful outfit and this time I put the colour red in the picture…

I am really into colours, it’s been ages since I’ve bought something all black and I must admit that I don’t miss it… wearing colours makes me feel happier ♥

Recently I bought this lovely skirt at H&M. It’s got this beautiful print in red and cream and it’s just perfect for my body type as it is a wrap skirt.

The fabric is really soft and flowy and the skirt it can be worn on heaps of occassions. In this outfitpost I combine it with a white top and a short red cardigan from E5 mode. This is just the perfect work outfit, isn’t it?! Comfy, elegant and the print makes it just that bit different.



I am styling this outfit with my red Coccinelle handbag, my Gabor wedges, my Liu Jo sunglasses and some jewellery I bought in Amsterdam many years ago, but I never seem to get tired of the elegant earrings and bracelet!


I feel good in this outfit and you can tell by just looking at these pics… can’t you?!

Love, Kathleen








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