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Outfit of the week: Green blouse

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I’m done with winter… I know… a bit early… but to trick myself into believing spring is coming soon, I’ve bought myself this very colourful blouse at H&M!

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Outfit of the week: Leopard ‘n lace

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Today’s outfit is all about mixing prints and fabrics like a pro… because I learned from a pro 😀 Read on to find out more about the how’s and why’s of this outfit…

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My outfits on IG – April

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April has been giving us some days with sunshine. And even though it was quite chilly at times, I was so glad to see the sun!! It makes me smile instantly 🙂

So what have I been wearing during these transistional weeks?

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Season flashback: autumn

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It’s the first day of winter… yesterday I told you about my favourite Christmas songs and soon we’ll be celebrating with friends and family… but today there is just one last look at my autumn outfits… Bring me to that season flashback!

Fashion: Lace skirt

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In winter I wear lots of black… so this week I got you an all black outfit featuring my lace pencil skirt. Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: Fitting room fits – Fall 2015

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I did some some research on what’s trendy for the next fall season. While I was on my 50-day challenge of not buying any clothes, accessories or shoes, I thought it would be really hard trying on all these new styles, but actually I was quite ok with it. I’ve been having fun trying on stuff, trying on things that I would normally not even lay my hands on. Seeing myself in outfits I would otherwise never try, has opened my eyes.  I want to see more about these fitting room fits for fall!!