Beauty ‘n Fashion: Maybelline – Made for All Lipsticks


I have been using Maybelline lipsticks regularly. I think they offer great value for money. So when I saw these ‘Made for All’ shades, I wanted to test out 2 shades: Mauve and Plum.

The promises

This is what I could read on the Maybelline website:

Made For All Lipstick makeup features specially selected and obsessively tested pigments that make these universal lipstick shades looks sensational on all complexions.’

I bought this lipstick in two shades:

‘Mauve for me’:


I think the term ‘mauve’ is a bit misleading as I don’t find it mauve at all! I bought it because of the shade though, not the name… And I like the shade: it’s neutral and nude, perfect to wear all day! When the lipstick wears off, it stays true to its colour.



‘Plum for me’:


Plum is a shade which can look a bit harsh on me, so I was anxious to see if Maybelline could live up to its promise that this really is a ‘plum for me’. The shade looks really dark, but once applied, it complemented my skintone so I guess Maybelline did really wel 🙂

I love this shade. When it wears off, it becomes a bit more pink though.




– Even though the lipsticks wear off easily, the colour stays quite true on the lips, especially the ‘mauve for me’.

– Quite a creamy texture, which personally I don’t mind.

– Comforting, hydrating feel to the lips.

– I haven’t tried out all the shades, just a couple and I must say that the ones I did try, complemented my complexion… these lipsticks might actually be ‘made for all’!


– You have to apply this lipstick several times a day as it fades after a couple of hours.

– Both lipsticks tend to give off easily… your hubbie’s skin, your cup of tea, your glass of wine,… you’ll see where your lips have been!


Even though these lipsticks wear off, I love using them and I love both shades. I will probably buy the plum again. Not too sure about the mauve though as I have found lipsticks in that shade that don’t wear off that easily.

Love, Kathleen




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