Boost your energy: Setting some goals for 2019: Update n°4


It’s the beginning of September… summer’s nearly over…  and so I’m here with a new update on my 2019 goals!

Keep watch over my 2018 goals



Even though there weren’t any ballet classes in August, I did manage to attend many classes in July… even during a heatwave… and even on the hottest day I’ve ever known in my life when the temperature hit 40°!! Goes to show how I love those ballet classes 🙂 I only attended stretching classes in July as I wanted the ruptured muscle in my calf to heal completely. On above picture you see yours truly at the barre (picture taken by my ballet teacher Tatevik Mkrtoumain from Ballet Workout)

As I said, no ballet classes in August 😦 but I did some stretching at home regularly. I will start ballet again later this week and I can’t wait… even treated myself to a new leotard!

During August I picked up jogging again!! During my holiday break, I used to go jogging 2 or 3 times a week, but now I’m back at work, I go jogging once a week and I really hope to keep it up as I must say I quite enjoy it.

Quite proud of how I’m doing in this department to be honest 🙂

Eating and drinking wisely


Uhm… I’ve been eating and drinking… for sure… but not very wisely I must admit…I have enjoyed an icecream and a glass of wine too many during these hot summer months!! But as I’ve been exercising throughout, the damage is still manageable… I guess… I will have to do an extra effort though as at the end of September my best friend is getting married and I’ve got this cute but very fitted dress to get into 😀

Start saving for my Australia trip


Filling up my piggybank faithfully 🙂 And I have started to read up on what to do, where to go,…

Read 12 books

I’ve read 9 books so far… or I should probably say 9 novels… as I’ve been also reading travelguides about Australia, the Provence and Scotland 🙂

  • Lam – Hannelore Bedert (review)
  • Becoming – Michelle Obama
  • Behind her eyes – Sarah Pinborough
  • Chestnut Man – Soren Sveistrup
  • A home at Honeysuckle Farm – Christie Barlow
  • Tara Road – Maeve Binchy
  • Challenge Accepted – Celeste Barber
  • The woman in the window – AJ Finn
  • Origin – Dan Brown

Quality time with family and friends

foto van Kathleen Buytaert.

As much as I enjoy time alone or just with my husband and kids, I just couldn’t do without my family and friends… and during the summer months, there were many occasions where I met up with my loved ones. A couple of diner parties and daytrips  kept me going all summer long! I shouldn’t actually make a specific goal out of it… we have plenty of gatherings throughout the year 😀

My good, fab and lovely blog

to blog or not to blog

During July I have been blogging a lot less I must admit. I simply didn’t find the time to write, take outfitpictures, edit images,… But during my holiday break in August, I managed to pick up where I left off and I even have some posts scheduled for the coming weeks. So you can expect some good, fab and lovely blogposts coming your way 🙂

Keep watch over my stress levels

foto van Kathleen Buytaert.

During the summer months I really had a relaxing time. In July I still had to go to work, but I didn’t crave for my summer holiday as much as other years. I think that’s because we had a two week holiday in April which gave me enough energy to keep me going until my holiday break in August.

When September hits, a busy time at work starts. But I really feel up to it… especially since I’ve still got a week off soon and we have booked another holiday to the Provence… yip… that’s our second visit to the Provence this year… it might become a habit 😀

Focus on photography

I have taken plenty of pictures during these past couple of months, but I must admit that I didn’t do an assignment out of ‘The Photographer’s Playbook’… I realize now that I have to plan it in or I will never come around doing it!

So… I hereby give you my word… I will do an assignment in the next 2 months and I will write a blogpost about it!

Note: I have just chosen an assignment I will do whilst on holiday… you can expect a blogpost about that at the end of October!

Do some bigger chores around the house


I am so glad to say that we have done loads these past couple of months… well especially my husband that is! He put wallpaper up on all 4 bedrooms and it’s looking so good. He still has a bit of work with the bedrooms of my son and daughter,  because the wall paper couldn’t be delivered until September! So soon he can round up that job.

In the meanwhile we have been re-arranging furniture, and I have been clearing out some cupboards upstairs. I have thrown away lots of stuff that was just lying there and I have managed to ‘Marie Kondo’ my wardrobe! We have bought a cabinet, which is of course the perfect way to put away my clothes. Everything looks so much neater now and I can actually see what I’ve got! I hope it will prevent me from buying unnecessary stuff 🙂


I have also cleared out my book case downstairs. Above you see a before (right) and after (left) picture. Now you may not notice a big difference, but that’s because there are several rows of books behind the ones you actually see… I can assure you that I ditched 5 large bags of books! I sold a lot of them second hand, and I put heaps in those little library boxes you see in the streets. So that was also a job well done.

We also cleared out our garage (it took us 2 days!) and had to drive to the recycling centre four times to dispose of all our garbage!! Now to keep it that way…

The next big chore to be done is our driveway… we are waiting for a confirmation of the company and I hope that by the end of the year we can walk from our car to our front door on properly laid tiles 🙂

That’s it for this 4th update of the year… Can’t wait what the final update will bring…

Love, Kathleen


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