Beauty ‘n Fashion: My August outfits


I like to put together my outfits and in today’s fashionpost, I want to share with you some of the outfits I wore during the month of August… why don’t you take a look?!

Actually the first two outfits are still from July. I wore them to go to work (my 2 last working days before my August break!).

Below you see my khaki pants with my off-white sweater.


Glitter on the last day at work before my summer break! I don’t often wear this skirt, but it always makes me happy 🙂 Here you see me wearing it in winter!


I wore the outfit below on a sister-date to Ghent. It’s nice and summery don’t you think? Here you can see me wearing this same dress on a trip to Chartwell, Winston Churchill’s house in England.


The outfit below is another comfy one. I wore this to run some errands… This is quite a classic way to style this fab blue pants. Here you see it styled in a very colourful way though!


The outfit below, I wore on a date with my hubby. I love the striped skirt (which you can also see here). And the green blouse from this outfitpost goes perfectly with it!


The dress in the picture below is a final sale purchase. I haven’t done an outfitpost about it, but that will follow soon enough. It’s a very comfortable dress and it’s perfect to take me from summer into fall! I wore this outfit when I went to the musical Fame with my daughter, my sister-in-law and her son… such a fun day out!


The outfit below I wore on a trip to Amsterdam. I bought this dress at an outlet village and you can see it in this outfitpost.


I wore the outfit on the picture below to go to work. I bought it in H&M when I was in Madrid in May 2018. Here you see the outfitpost I wrote about it. The bracelet by the way, is one I bought in Amsterdam 🙂 I like to buy clothes and accessories when I’m on a holiday or a trip. When I wear it, it always takes me back to that place!


And that rounds up this outfitpost! Which outfit is your favourite?

Love, Kathleen





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