Beauty ‘n Fashion: Rainpharma – Pure Shampoo & Authentic Conditioner


I have tested the Pure Shampoo and the Authentic Conditioner which I could find in the “Ten years of life-changing products” box from Rainpharma now for three weeks, so time to share with you my thoughts on these products… here we go!

1. Pure Shampoo


The promises

This is what I could read on the Rainpharma website:

“This pure, concentrated shampoo cleans your hair thoroughly but gently and is also rejuvenating. Intensely hydrating natural ingredients leave your hair pretty, soft and shiny and nourish the scalp, while calming ones soften the scalp and soothe irritation. Extracts of nasturtium and watercress strengthen the hair, while extracts of yacón help keep hair healthy and beautiful. The fresh scent comes from a blend of the 20 different natural, premium essential oils in the Aromatherapy Essentials range.”

How to use

You only need a tiny bit of product, wash your hear and scalp and rinse. Mind: your hair might need to adjust to this type of shampoo. Give it a couple of days and you’ll soon see the difference…



  • 100% plant based shampoo
  • This is a very concentrated product, so a little goes a loooong way
  • Fabulous scent!!! When I brush out my hair at night, I can even smell a hint of the fresh scent.
  • Gives more volume to my hair.
  • I can style my hair more easily.
  • My hair feels soft and looks healthy.
  • Even my hairdresser complemented me on how good my hair looked, felt and smelled!
  • I love the beautiful bottle with the clear marking… being 48 I need reading glasses, which of course I can’t use under the shower 🙂 As many Rainpharma bottles look similar, it’s a good thing that I can easily read the word ‘SHAMPOO’… it might seem silly for those who have good eyes… those who don’t will understand what I mean 😀


  • It’s expensive… a 250 ml bottle costs 39 EUR, a 500 ml bottle 59 EUR! That is a LOT of money for shampoo if you ask me… (but it really is such a good product!!!).

2. Authentic Conditioner


The promises

This is what I could read on the Rainpharma website:

“This 100% plant-based nourishing conditioner makes your hair easier to comb after washing and gives your locks more volume. Natural silicone replacements make your hair feel softer and ensure a healthy shine. This nourishing conditioner has a fluid, milky texture. So it’s easy to spread it evenly over your hair. What’s more, it doesn’t make your hair greasy or heavy. Authentic Conditioner is a nourishing leave-on formula, so it doesn’t need to be rinsed out. Apply after showering to towel-dried hair and spread over the full length of your hair, starting with the tips. Then comb your hair and dry your locks with a hair-dryer or style as usual.”

How to use

After washing your hair, use a bit of conditioner on the lengths of your hair and DO NOT RINSE! Leave it in and comb it through. Try the product for a couple of days before judging it… your hair might have to get used it!



  • The smell complements the shampoo.
  • Very economic in use.
  • It’s getting boring I know… but it’s a 100% plant-based product.
  • Time-saver product 🙂 you don’t have to rinse out the conditioner.
  • Definitely gives my hair more volume!
  • My hair looks shiny and healthy and feels very soft.


  • Again: very expensive… a 250 ml bottle costs 20 EUR, 500 ml is 35 EUR.


I have to admit that the first couple of days I wasn’t really wowed by these products (except for the smell that is). My hair felt rather stiff whilst washing it. But after 4-5 days, my hair got used to the shampoo and conditioner and I was actually quite surprised with the effect both products have on my hair. The smell, the volume, the shine,… it looks and feels healthy and soft and I can style it more easily.

OK, the price is very steep, especially when compared to highstreet products. But next Friday (November 15th) is the Rainpharma Winter Shopping Day on which there are very nice promotions. Check the website for more information!

Love, Kathleen





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