Let’s collab: Hunkemöller – Loungewear


A couple of weeks ago I got a fabulous mail in my mailbox… if I was interested in a collaboration with Hunkemöller… DUH!!! OF COURSE I WAS!!!

The brand


Hunkemöller is a shop which specializes in lingerie, nightwear, beachwear, sportswear and loungewear. They’ve got an extensive collection which offers the good old classics, but which also follows the  latest trends. I go shopping regularly at Hunkemöller, so this collaboration was right up to my alley!

I was given a giftcard (75 EUR) to shop online or in one of the Hunkemöller shops. I opted for the latter and went to my local Hunkemöller in Beveren-Waas.

What did I buy?


I could stretch my euros big time… not only did I have my 75 EUR giftcard, I also had 10 EUR on my membership card ànd there was a 20% discount the moment I went shopping!!! Lucky me 🙂

As winter is now coming soon, I wanted to buy something comfy and cosy to wear at home and to bed. I decided to buy this super soft pyjamas, but it’s so beautiful that I can easily wear it all day long on a lazy Sunday! It’s a dark blue, velvet two piece,with pink details at the sides of my sleeves and legs. I bought some matching socks which keep my feet nice and warm.


Because of my giftcard and the discount, I still had money left to spend. I decided to buy a soft pink, fleece robe. I was so happy when I got home that I put it on immediately 😀


All of the items I bought can be found clicking this link: Hunkemöller nachtmode. You can of course go to your local Hunkemöller shop. The shop assistants pamper you big time 🙂

Pros of buying at Hunkemöller


  • Extensive offer in lingerie, nightwear and loungewear.
  • During spring/summer also an extensive offer in beachwear.
  • Online shopping available.
  • I bought my goodies at Hunkemöller in Beveren-Waas and the staff was extremely helpful and friendly.
  • Hunkemöller often has promotions, wait for the right one for you!
  • You can become a Hunkemöller member to save for a discount.
  • There are heaps of Hunkemöller shops in Europe, but they are specifically situated in Holland, Belgium and Germany.
  • Friendly priced goodies, especially when you wait for the promotions!

Cons of buying at Hunkemöller


  • Women with large breasts only have a small selection of bras to choose from.
  • Hunkemöller also sells sports wear, but the offer is slightly smaller.



I had a fun time choosing some cosy, comfy lounge/nightwear. The staff was very helpful. One slight problem maybe… it was so difficult to choose because the offer was so extensive 😀

Do you know this brand Hunkemöller?

Love, Kathleen

PS: I was given a giftcard (75 EUR) to spend at Hunkemöller. This post however, is my honest opinion on the brand and on the way I was treated whilst shopping.


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