Boost your energy: How to become aware of your energy level

Last week I started this new series here on my blog about ‘Boost your energy’. I told you why I became so interested in this topic and today I want to tell you how you can become aware of your energy level… read on to find out!

Most of the time you don’t think about your energy level and honestly… most of the time you shouldn’t! You give and you take, and that’s how you keep your energy level balanced.


But what when you give more than you take? What if life is slipping through your fingers? What if everyone starts pulling at your sleeve… at home, at work, in your social life?! It’s those times that you should be extra aware of your energy level!

It is important that you are aware of the state of your energy level. How to? Well very simple… give your energy level a score out of ten and think about the how’s and why’s you give yourself that score.

Usually it will not be necessary to give your energy level a score, but if you want more insight into your general energy level, you can perhaps do the following…

How to become aware of your energy level?

– Give your level a score out of ten.
– Write down this figure in a diary.
– Also write down what time it is, how you felt at that moment and why you gave your energy level exactly that score.
– Do this two to three times a day for a period of time, that way you can get a good idea of your energy level.

Energy level? 10/10 🙂

If you do this regularly, you might start seeing a pattern in your score… for instance, in the morning your score is a lot lower than at night… or your score is lower when you’re on your period, or it’s lower because you’ve just survived a hectic morning rush, or it’s lower because you’ve just had a row with your partner…

But also check when your score is higher! It might be higher during the weekend, when the sun shines, when you’re out with your best friend, when you’ve just bought that pair of shoes you’ve wanted to buy for a long time, when you’ve just had a great chat with your child, when you nailed that presentation at work,…

If you notice that you give yourself a low grade on a regular basis, it might be helpful to start thinking about the different energy sources which influence your energy level… but more on that next time!

Love, Kathleen

PS: What about your energy level right now? What score would you give? And why?

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