Boost your energy: Power-posing

You might now how to ‘power-pose’ from Grey’s Anatomy… they actually call it ‘superhero pose’, which is basically the same… don’t know it? Read on to find out more and how it can help to give your energy a boost!

How to do a power pose?

  • stand up, legs slightly spread out (shoulder width)
  • put your hands on your hips
  • put your chest forward and your shoulders bakc
  • tilt your slightly
  • have positive thoughts whilst doing so

Why does power-posing have an influence on your level of energy?

Research has shown that when you take the superhero pose or the power pose, your blood level starts to change and that affects your brain. If you do this pose for a few minutes, the testosterone level (= dominant hormone) in the blood will increase by 20% while the cortisol level (= stress hormone) will decrease by 25%.

Adopting this posture gives you more strength and self-confidence mentally. You start thinking like and feeling like a winner.

You could use this pose right before an important meeting, exam or job interview… go to the toilet, do the power pose for a couple of minutes and crush them with your self-confidence!!!

What about a lower-pose

Doing a lower-pose is actually the opposite of a power pose. We do it more frequently than we might think… when using our smartphone for instance is actually doing a lower pose… you make yourself smaller, you bend your shoulders forward, put your head down, close your chest,…

But beware… research shows that doing a lower pose has the opposite effect of doing a power pose. The stress hormone will increase and the dominant hormone will decrease. As we use this post more often than we realize, this might have an effect on the way we feel. Try to put that phone away during the day and at night to prevent yourself from doing that lower pose too much!

Now this might all sound really silly and unbelievable… but you could try it… it won’t harm you anyway 🙂 Good luck!

Love, Kathleen

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