Boost your energy: Quality time with family and friends

In the previous Boost your Energy post (click here), I talked about the importance of me-time. Spending time alone, makes you go back to your innerself. Doing this, will make you more aware of who you are, it will spruce up your self-confidence. It will give energy to your body, mind and soul. It’ll warm your heart and it will help you to reconnect with yourself.

It will also enable you to connect with others. Being more selfconfident will make you more open to the people that surround you, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours… and even strangers! And that takes me to the next way on how to boost your energy…

Because no matter the importance of me-time, us humans are social ‘animals’, we need people around us. So you better make sure to have some quality time with loved ones as that is oh so beneficial for your level of energy!

Below I list a couple of benefits of spending time with loved ones:

  • People who spend more time with family and friends live longer.
  • Children who spend more time with their families have more self-confidence and are more social.
  • Spending time with family strengthens family ties.
  • On the one hand, you’ll become more stress-resistant. On the other hand, you will have less stress because you can talk about your worries and share them with loved ones.
  • It encourages positive behaviour.
  • You start making memories.

Find quality time with your partner, family and friends in small things and enjoy! Don’t live next to eachother, but WITH eachother…

Have fun!

Love, Kathleen

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