Travel: Holland – Amsterdam, Johan Cruijff ArenA

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In August we did a daytrip to Amsterdam and we started our day visiting the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Let me tell you more about this visit!

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Travel: Holland – My 5 favourite travelposts (so far…)

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My husband and I love spending a day or weekend break in Holland for various reasons: it’s not far but it always feels like a bit of holiday as it’s another country, we love the Dutch little towns which ooze history, we like the Dutch atmoshpere and people and they now a thing or two about wining and dining! So you see… plenty of reasons to pay a visit to our lovely neighbouring country 🙂

I have written many posts about Holland so far, so I want to share with you my 5 favourite travelposts about our neighbouring country. Here we go!

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Travel: Must-see expositions this spring/summer!

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When on a citytrip I like to stroll around as much as possible. Soaking up the atmosphere, discovering new places, observing people,… I just love it!

And most of the time I also want to do something cultural as well… visiting an exposition for example! So in today’s travelpost it’s all about must-see expositions in some good,f ab and lovely cities! Read the rest of this entry »

Holland: Amsterdam – part II

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So my sister, brother-in-law and their three kids, my husband, my two daughters and myself went to Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. Last week you could read part I on our daytrip to Amsterdam and guess what… here’s part II 🙂  Discover what else we did in Amsterdam…

Holland: Amsterdam – part I

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A couple of weeks ago we went on a daytrip to Amsterdam. We were with a lovely bunch of people : my sister Maggy, her husband and their three kids, my husband, my two daughters and myself. So quite a pack!

Amsterdam is only a 2 hour’s drive, so it can be perfectly done in one day… although you won’t be sorry to spend longer than a day in Holland’s capital! There is so much to see and do…  Click here if you want to know what we did on our daytrip to Amsterdam!