Where to have the best afternoon tea!

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And we’re back with some new top tips! When on a (day)trip we regularly do an afternoon tea somewhere posh. I have tried several places already, so today I will give you my top 5 of afternoon tea hot spots! Read more about those hot spots!

Lazy Sunday

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One more week until Christmas! I don’t know about you, but I am counting the days to party along with friends and family… but first another recap of last week’s blogposts!

Like this one about a budget concealer… or this one about my all time favorite Christmas songs… or how about a tips ‘n trips recap or an outfitpost with some fun polkadots?!

Now don’t let me hold you too long from the things you want to do on a lazy Sunday… have a fun one!

Love, Kathleen

PS: this photo was taken in Dordrecht during an ab fab Hightealicious… you can read the travelpost here!

Travel recap n°5

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On this dark and gloomy December day, I will take you back on the past 15 tips ‘n trips posts… so if you want to know about walks ‘n castles, cities ‘n cathedrals, lakes ‘n high tea… you’d better stick with me for a while and read today’s recap! Take me to that recap!

Holland: Dordrecht

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Last week I told you about our trip to Dordrecht and specifically about a Jane Austen lecture we attented in the Dordts Patriciërshuis. Today you can see lots of pictures of how we spend the rest of our beautiful day! Read more about our time in Dordrecht!

Holland: Dordrecht – Jane Austen and Hightealicious

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I’m a bit of a Jane Austen fan. Ok, I admit it… I’m struggling to read her books in English (at the rate I am currently going it will probably take me another 10 years to finish them all), but I have seen a lot of film and television adaptations. I just love these costume dramas… the slow storylines, the beautiful scenery, the fantastic locations… And it would  definitely be a dream come true to make a Jane Austen themed trip around England and attend the Jane Austen festival in Bath! Read more!

Holland: Kinderdijk (and a tiny bit of Dordrecht)

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Today’s tips ‘n trips post brings us to Holland… to Kinderdijk and Dordrecht to be more precise. Kinderdijk is known for the many windmills that are lined up next to several canals and Dordrecht is the oldest town in Holland. Read more about these two destinations!