Travel recap n°3

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Flaunting around Cannes like a pro…

Time for a new tips ‘n trips recap! Today you can read all about the tips ‘n trips posts of the past couple of months. That way you can check if you haven’t missed anything interesting… So here we go!! Read more about this tips ‘n trips recap!

Holland: Kinderdijk (and a tiny bit of Dordrecht)

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Today’s tips ‘n trips post brings us to Holland… to Kinderdijk and Dordrecht to be more precise. Kinderdijk is known for the many windmills that are lined up next to several canals and Dordrecht is the oldest town in Holland. Read more about these two destinations!

Lazy Sunday

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I wish you all a very lazy Sunday… and a nice time on my blog with this recap of last week’s posts!

As I have posted 20 beauty posts, I chose to do a beauty rewind last Monday. Tuesday’s quote was one about the smell of books and on Wednesday you could see three styles with a grey sweater. On Thursday’s tips’ n trips I told you more about a party my sister and I went to : the 5th anniversary of the multi-brand high fashion store Renaissance.

As I was nominated for the ‘one lovely blog award’ twice (by Bapalaya ànd by Vivacious Lifestylin’) I posted 7 fun facts about me on Friday and the outfit of the week was all about my houndstooth top.

Later today there you should check my blog again as my new challenge will be posted!!

I hope you enjoyed my blog this past week… see you again very soon!

Love, Kathleen

Kinderdijk, Holland