Trips ‘n Travels: Travel recap n°3

Flaunting around Cannes like a pro…

Time for a new tips ‘n trips recap! Today you can read all about the tips ‘n trips posts of the past couple of months. That way you can check if you haven’t missed anything interesting… So here we go!!

There have been a couple of posts of ‘La Douce France’ these past couple of months, so I’ll start with our neighbouring country…

Paris is my favourite city and every year I try to visit this fab city  a couple of times. In the beginning of March I went on a daytrip with my friend Katrien (I love her to bits!!) and I made two posts about this trip with heaps of photos. You can read all about our ‘adventures’ here and here.


Then I included a couple of posts of our trip to the Côte d’Azur from a couple of years ago, which you should definitely check when you are going on a holiday to the south of France this summer.

I told you about our trip to Ile Sainte-Marguerite (near Cannes) and then there were two posts about a day we spent in Monaco (ok… this is technically not France, but I put it under ‘France’… I hope you don’t mind!!). About Monaco I did two posts. You can find them here and here.

Ile Sainte-Marguerite, off the Cannes coast
Monaco… the rock

There are also a couple of posts about good old Holland… this is definitely our favourite country to go to for a weekend break. Here you can read about Kinderdijk, here you can see lots of photos about lovely little Delft and here I  told you more about the fantastic Clingendael Park (the Japanese garden will be open really soon now!).

The Japanese garden in Clingendael Park will be open very soon… check the post for more informaton!
One of the many mills of Kinderdijk

Of course there were a couple of posts about Belgium as well… like this one about our shopping spree to Maasmechelen Outlet Village. Then there was this hommage to Brussels, a city which is really struggling after the terror attacks. And then there were two posts about Ghent (here and here).

brussel 088
The stunning market place of Brussels


Let’s go shopping in Maasmechelen Outlet Village!
A lot of history going on in just one photo…

And as we are also big fans of England, I made a couple of posts about trips we did over there : Lyme Park and Chatsworth House, Brighton and beautiful, charming Tissington in the Peak District.

Lyme Park
Chatsworth House
Brighton’s Royal Pavillion
Tissington Hall

So that was another tips ‘n trips recap…  time to explore new places I’d say !

Love, Kathleen

Here you can take a look a the first and second tips ‘n trips recap!


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