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My outfits on IG: February

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I’m back with a new dose of outfits! Take a look at the outfits I posted on Instagram during the month of february. Which one is your favourite? Let me know!

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Fashion: My outfits on IG – March

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Today another update on my latest IG-outfits… what did I wear in March? Find out in today’s blogpost! Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion: Leather jacket

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Last Thursday I told you about our visit to the Botanical Garden in Antwerp. In today’s outfitpost I tell you a bit more about the lovely fall outfit I was wearing that day. Read more about this gamine outfit!

Fashion: Marine striped sweater

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Marine striped sweaters are always trendy in spring and summer and this year that’s not different! So today’s outfit is all about my new marine striped sweater… Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: Blue silk blouse

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Today a post about my silk blouse… actually I’ve got this blouse in two colours : blue and cream. I loved it so much and it was at a 50% discount on the online shop of & Other Stories a couple of summers ago that I decided to buy them both! But today I’m putting the blue version in the picture… Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: Dark olive green

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In today’s outfit, a beautiful colour plays the lead : dark olive green. I am wearing this in two lovely fabrics : wool and silk. See more of this beautiful colour!

Fashion: Houndstooth top

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DSC_0328Last year I fell in love with this houndstooth top from & Other Stories. I bought it online and when I could try it on a couple of days later, I was glad to see it was a perfect fit! Read more about this houndstooth top!

Fashion: Woollen pants

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Relaxing in Jardin des Tuileries, enjoying the warmth of the autumn sun.

Today’s outfit is all about a classic piece… the grey woollen pants. I wore them at the beginning of the month on my daytrip to Paris and my friend Katrien took some photos there which I am now using for this post. Read more about this outfit I wore to Paris!

Fashion: En rouge et noir…

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I really like this outfit of the week… I like it a lot ! I also like the photos… a lot ! They were taken by my husband whilst we were on our weekend break in Holland some weeks ago. I spent a beautiful fall evening ‘en rouge et noir’… The light was good, the location was fab and the company was lovely!  Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: Flamingo’s on my dress

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A day after my 50-day challenge I went shopping with my sister Cindy. We went to Antwerp, the capital of Belgian fashion! When in Antwerp, I like to take a look in the & Other Stories shop in the Korte Gasthuisstraat. They have beautiful, trendy clothes, good quality and at a great price. This time I immediately fell for a flamingo-printed dress I saw in the shop window. I tried it on and what do you know… perfect fit! Read more about this flamingo-printed dress!