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Outfit of the week: Wool in winter

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Wearing wool in winter means you will be nice and warm! In today’s outfit I show you some classic wool grey pants and a teal wool sweater…

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Beauty: Trying out some samples – Fragrances (part II)

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Last week you could read part I of this samples post. I gave you my thoughts on some fragrance samples I got at my drugstore. I tried out three more. So let’s see of I like them enough to buy the fullsize version!

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Fashion: Down coat & jacket… take your pick!

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The down coat & jacket... take your pick!


Last Saturday you could see my down coat in the outfit of the week. Today I give you plenty more options of down coats and jackets.


Do you want a ‘safe’ colour and go for black (as I did), or do you like a bit of colour on your down coat? Do you want a coat or a jacket?


Tell me what your favorite coat/jacket is… from the selection above I’d go for the black jacket:-)


Love, Kathleen


Fashion: Woollen pants

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Relaxing in Jardin des Tuileries, enjoying the warmth of the autumn sun.

Today’s outfit is all about a classic piece… the grey woollen pants. I wore them at the beginning of the month on my daytrip to Paris and my friend Katrien took some photos there which I am now using for this post. Read more about this outfit I wore to Paris!