Today’s quote : getting started

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

the beginning of a long hot day
Calais-Dover crossing… the beginning of a long hot day!

This quote reflects on me and my blog. I have doubted for quite some time to start blogging. Always making excuses why I shouldn’t start just yet, making plans and posts but not actually doing something with it.

But then I read in the book “How blogs work” from Stephanie Duval that you can plan everything… and you can keep planning and adjusting… but if you just don’t have the courage to start one day, you end up with nothing and all the invested time and energy were useless. 

Of course you’ve got to think things through and you can’t just start a blog on the spur of a moment. But you don’t have to doubt or plan infinitely or you will never have your blog. After I read this (and the entire book, which I can recommend for any blogger, it is written in Dutch though) it all became a bit more real for me. I did plan quite a few things before getting started, but I set myself a date when I wanted to publish my first post… and I stuck to it ! My blog may not be what I want it to be just yet, but it is a work in progress. It is dynamic, always growing and always changing. And why the hell should it be perfect from day one ? There would be no fun in it anymore. Now I can update my blog daily and in the background make further changes and adjustments which may or may not be used.

I reflect this quote on my blog, but it can be reflected on so many things in life… if you don’t start washing that pile of dirty laundry, the pile will only get bigger and bigger. If you don’t take those notes in your hands to start learning, you won’t even have a chance of good marks on your exam,…

What can you reflect this quote on ? What do you really need to start doing ? Can I give you a tip ?? Do as I did : set yourself a date and tell people about it. That way the pressure is on… which can do wonders on what you can and will achieve !

Believe me… you will be astonished by the things you can do… so why don’t you get started ?!

Love, Kathleen


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