Fashion: Bold floral pants


Every year early in spring I am tempted to buy new stuff… probably because I am bored with those winter clothes. This year was no different, so in March I bought a pair of bold floral pants, which are a fun trend this spring/summer !

As it was quite the opposite of the dark, somber winter clothes I had been wearing for the past months, the trend needed to grow on me. So I tried them on several times before actually buying them. The first time because I thought they wouldn’t suit me (I do that sometimes, try something on and secretly hope it won’t suit me so the temptation of buying will disappear… I know, it can be hard being a woman !), the second time as I wanted to see how they would look with the bright yellow sweater I was wearing at the time and the third time… well… off to the cash register !

I am glad I bought them so early in the season as it gave me a chance to wear something summery in March without actually freezing my but off ! There are so many ways to wear them as well. I’ve worn them with that bright yellow sweater and with my white Marcel de Bruxelles, but for this shoot I opted for a go-to-work look. I teamed the pants with a cream silk blouse which I buttoned up to the neck and my blakc pumps. To make the look less severe, I pulled up my sleeves.

Have you gone floral mad this summer or is this trend so not you ? Why don’t you tell me ?!

Love, Kathleen

DSC_0849 DSC_0852 DSC_0859 DSC_0862

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