Beauty : Vichy Idéal Body – serum/milk


A couple of weeks ago I won some products from Vichy. Can you believe how excited I was when the box with goodies was delivered ?! I thought I’d get some samples, so I was really glad with what was actually in the package… these 3 full size products 🙂 :

I haven’t used the sun protection yet as I had just started a new bottle. I will save this bottle for next year as the bottle I just started will last me through the summer.

I have been using the other two products though. Today you can read what my thougths are on the Idéal Body serum/milk.

First of all, I like the bottle. It’s simple, clean, easy to use and I absolutely love the colour ! The colour of the product is also very appealing. It’s a nude pink lotion. Now the colour isn’t important I know, but it’s a nice bonus !

The product smells really fresh, but not too overpowering, which is what I like in a body lotion. I use perfume so if a body lotion smells too significant on its own, I don’t like using it as it clashes with my perfume.

The Idéal body serum/milk is economical in use. A little goes a long way and is quickly absorbed by the skin so I can immediately put my clothes on which comes in handy on busy mornings. After using this product my skin immediately feels hydrated and this during the whole day. I didn’t even had the urge to apply lotion before going to sleep (which my legs sometimes need) !

I use my Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster with this body lotion and I must admit that the glow on my skin is more intense than when I blend it with the body lotion I normally use. I think that’s because this lotion is so fluid, so it’s easier to blend and thus smoother and softer to apply on my body.

Using this product for 4 weeks should improve your skin quality. I have been using this lotion daily for about ten days now. I’m not a specialist so I think it’s difficult to compare the before and after. But I do know that my skin really feels hydrated and soft and that the lotion really works well with my Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, which is also a bonus !

So overall thumbs up for this body lotion and thank you very much Vichy for this lovely prize…

Make sure you tune in next week as I will do a beauty post on the other Vichy product I won, the ‘Pureté Thermale miccelar water’.

Love, Kathleen


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