Today’s quote : smile

“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile” – Paul Simon

Comedy artist at Covent Garden, Londen.

Today’s quote is about something I couldn’t live without… a grin, a chuckle, a smile, bursting into tears from laughter (and sometimes even peeing your pants…). Laughing instantly releases tension and lets you forget about life and problems for a while. I would be really depressed if I should have to spend a day without laughter.

Fortunately I am surrounded by people who like a good laugh… who crack up when hearing a silly joke or who can also give you an encouraging smile. It makes the world so much more beautiful. The face of someone who is laughing immediately lits up, opens up and that person is just so much more approachable and beautiful than a frowning, grim person.

Make sure that each day gives you plenty of reasons to laugh… Start your day with a smile and you’re halfway there. It will immediately give you a better, happier feeling and it makes you look so much more beautiful.

And when things aren’t looking up for a while, do try and search something you can smile about… search the net for funny videos, watch an episode of Friends, read a Garfield cartoon… because laughing makes you forget about your problems, even if it is for just a minute… Laughter is the best therapy ever… don’t you agree ?

Love, Kathleen

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