Today’s quote : dieting

Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose – Karl Lagerfeld

Me in heavier times... (the location is quite nice though... Bruges !)
Me in heavier times… (the location is quite nice though… Bruges !)

I’ve got a confession to make… I’m a jo-jo… I have been on and off a diet since my late teens and I really started ‘jo-joing’ (does that word even exist??) after having my first child, 19 years ago. Now I don’t want to put the blame on my children !!! No, it was always my own stupid fault… I always managed to lose the kilos, quite easily actually… but after a few months they would always come back and bring a few “friends” if you know what I mean…

I went up and down 10 to 15 kilos for years which really isn’t healthy, I know… Fortunately the slim periods took the upper hand and fortunately I have always sought refuge in healthy diet options like going to a dietician or joining Weight Watchers. Especially Weight Watchers is a type of diet/lifestyle that really helped.

This time I have been on my target weight for over a year now, so I hope that this time I can keep it like that… I’ve got to keep getting on the scales to confront myself with my weight. I set myself a limit of 2 kilos above my target weight. Once above that I pull the emergency brake  and go back to the Weight Watchers routine. I’m certainly not stick thin. My BMI is around 24 which is still quite high, but I find myself comfortable with this weight.

I’ve always found that being on a diet is easier than keeping my weight. Being on a diet means losing weight. The weight loss was my motivation. Once on my target weight, I could eat more, so I was immediately tempted to overdo it and that’s where it went wrong every single time. But not this time !

The reason why I share my weight problem with you, is mentally… ‘if I put it on my blog, there’s no way I can gain weight again… what would my readers think?’. So yeah… I’m using you all to keep my weight… I hope you don’t mind !

Another thing I needed to do was to clear my closet. I’ve had clothes in my closet in 4 different sizes for years and years and finally, a couple of months ago, I got rid of the bigger sizes. Some I gave away, others I threw away… It was hard parting with some clothes, but hey… more room for new, smaller-sized bits and pieces !

Everyone who has weight issues should have something that makes the alarm bell sound. It might be a picture of your heavier days that you stick in your closet, or the promise of a new dress if you’re 2 months on the same weight,… I know it stays really difficult, but you can get there !

To confront myself with my heavier days I put a picture of those days above this post… Believe me… this is really hard for me to do !! I was about 12 kilos heavier than I am now and looking at this picture… well… let’s just say I don’t like it AT ALL (and I wasn’t even at my heaviest then) ! But… pictures don’t lie ! It was how I was at the time. Mind you, I really had to search hard for a decent picture of myself with overweight… It seems I am much more in front of the camera in slimmer times !

But as a motivation to carry on the path I am travelling now, the healthier, slimmer path, I also put a picture of myself in the same dress at the time I had just reached my target weight (the dress has an elastic waistband…). I do see a difference… yes I am slimmer, but I also look far more relaxed and confident !

I do hope that this confession gives people with weight issues a bit of courage to tackle their weight problem. There are a lot of people trying to fight the scales and there are heaps of healthy ways to tackle your kilos. Do you have weight issues ? And if you do, how do you handle them (and if you don’t have weight issues… lucky you !).

Love, Kathleen

Just after reaching my target weigt... on holiday at the Côte d' Azur (Cannes).
Just after reaching my target weigt… on holiday at the Côte d’ Azur (Cannes).

Photography by Peter Kluskens

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