Fashion: Retro halter dress

2015-08-01 retro5

Today’s outfit is built around a dress that’s at least 6 or 7 years old ! I still love it, but as it is a halter dress, I don’t have many occasions to wear it. Plus I have been a jo-jo for I don’t know how many years (as you could read in this post) so during some summers the dress didn’t even come out of my closet !!

But I never could part with it and each summer with an OK weight, I’d wear it several times and I’d always get compliments about it. And now I’m on my target weight for the second summer in a row (yeah !), the dress has been worn again… and again with compliments with me on the receiving end (which is ever so nice !!)…

I love wearing this dress in high summer. Because of the bare back it’s refreshing and because of the clock skirt it gives my legs the needed air on a hot summer’s day ! I normally team it up quite casually with my cognac wedges or my sequined fitflops. But with some heels and a clutch it can take me to a party as well.

Today I chose a pair of heels which are, and I kid you not, 12 years old ! I have worn these many times and I’m afraid they’ve had their best times… but I cannot part with them just yet…

This dress is perfect for my pear-shaped body type. It’s fitted at the top, has a slight clock skirt ànd it is draped at the front. And another bonus to this dress is the lovely retro print. Now don’t you just love that !

So marks up for this retro halter dress… I will keep it for some summers more !

Love, Kathleen

2015-08-01 retro2
loving the bare back of this dress
2015-08-01 retro6
with my 12-year old heels I cannot part with…

2015-08-01 retro3 2015-08-01 retro4
2015-08-01 retro7 Photography : Peter Kluskens

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