Beauty ‘n Fashion: Diadermine – Lift+ Super Filler


In today’s beautypost, you can read a review from the Diadermine Lift+ Super Filler. The promises, pros, cons, conclusion… you can all read it here!

The promises

This is what I could read on the Diadermine website:

‘With age, the natural production of collagen slows down and the structure of the skin deteriorates. In addition, the daily exposure of the skin to UV rays leads to the early appearance of wrinkles and spots.

Lift+ Super Filler is a proven alternative to anti-ageing injections. The technology combines 2 powerful anti-ageing active ingredients:
– Micro-injected HA: small spheres that penetrate into the skin and, by swelling, fill in wrinkles from the inside like an injection of hyaluronic acid
– 5% hyaluron active ingredients: visibly smoothes the skin

Visible results:
– wrinkles are filled from the inside
– UVA/UVB/IR long term protection
– reduction of the harmful effects of pollution’



  • The biggest pro must be the SPF 30! Up until now I haven’t been sunburned yet whilst using this daycream and I have used it whilst on holiday in Spain and France… OK, not in full summer, but it was warm and sunny most of the time, but also windy and we walked hours in the mountains and at the seaside. I usually am a bit sunburned on my forehead and nose then, but not this time.
  • The price: 14,50 EUR for a 50 ml jar and most local beauty supermarkets have promotions so you can even buy it for less.
  • Economic in use.
  • This cream makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth.


  • This cream is slightly greasy, so people with oily skin might not like this one.
  • This cream comes in a jar without a little spatula. For hygienic


This is a good daycream, albeit slightly greasy. But the SPF 30 makes it the perfect daycream to use in summer!

Love, Kathleen


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