Fashion: Lace skirt


In winter I wear lots of black… so this week I got you an all black outfit featuring my lace pencil skirt.

This pencil skirt is from E5-mode, a Belgian brand. I bought it last winter but it’s a classic that can be worn for years, don’t you think?

As the fabric of the skirt is an eyecatcher, I usually wear something simple with it, like this black turtleneck from Esprit.

And lace skirt or not… I wear it to work! I don’t wear these glam shoes to work though… that would be a bit too much don’t you think? But I do adore these pumps!!! They are from Tamaris, one of my favorite shoe brands. They’re comfortable, stylish ànd they came at a good price!  I’ve got quite a lot of shoes from Tamaris as they’ve got a large variety of trendy shoes and they offer good quality at a friendly price!

What accessories is concerned I’ve kept it really simple : I only wear my beautiful silver/pearl earrings from the Royal Collection. I’ve bought them a couple of summers ago when we visited Buckingham Palace (now thàt was fun!).

My plum faux fur jacket and my fab red Chanel lipstick is perfect to complete this outfit. I feel stylish and elegant… Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below!

Love, Kathleen

Here you see another outfit with my faux fur jacket.







These shoes make me wanna dance!



Photography : Charlotte Kluskens

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