Today’s quote : my body

I like my body because it’s not just mine, but me – Ruby Tandoh

2015-08-26 quote

I like my body now (ish…). it was a ride with ups and downs though…  I’ve already made my jo jo-confession (in this post), so you know that the scales aren’t exactly what you call my best friends. Every time I got them down to a weight I was ok with, I managed to get them back up again.

I’m on my target weight for more than a year now, but I still have to be careful. I’d like to think that I’ve fought my hardest battles, but I know that I must be alert at all times and confront myself with the scales regularly. I would like to weigh just that little less than I do now, but the past has learned me that the weight I have now is maintainable for me, so I’m ok with it.

I’ve come to terms with how my body looks. It could be much better, but I have come to realize that it could be much worse as well ! The main part is that I am happy with the body I’ve got. The weight you see on the scales is just a number, so I try not to be too focused on that.

I like a morning jog a few times a week. It helps me keep my body in shape. Sometimes I really must force myself to put my running gear on, but once on the road I absolutely love it. It gives me my so-needed alone-time and I get to clear my head for a bit. I also like the fact that because of the jogging, I can permit myself that glass of wine or that ice cream ! I see that as my well-deserved reward :-).

My body represents me for who I am… So yes, I like my body now… because it’s not just mine, but me…  It’s been my guardian for the past 43 years. It got me through all sorts of happy and not so happy times, it gave me 3 beautiful children. I’ve taken care for it, but I’ve also neglected it.. but so far, my body never disappointed me, it never let me down. So I’d better take care of it, right ?!

And now what about you… Do you like your body or do you have issues with it ? You’re only entitled to one body… try to embrace it, try to love it, try to take care of it… as it is yours for the rest of your life !

Love, Kathleen

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