Beauty : Mac – Eyebrow set


My first beauty post, now 3 months ago, I wrote about a MAC make-up tutorial I did.

One of the many tips I got from the make-up artist, was to emphasize my eyebrows as apparently that gives my face more depth and definition. So after the tutorial, on wich I saw the result of the eye brow set, I decided to buy it.

Once used to seeing myself with coloured eyebrows, I must say I like it better. So most of the time I use this eyebrow set now. The MAC make-up artist coloured them a bit too dark in my opinion. My hair is blond and I don’t want my eyebrows to be too stand out too much. So when using the set myself, I use just a bit less than the make-up artist did.

The eyebrow set looks like a mascara, but with a slightly smaller brush. With this brush I can colour my eyebrows quite meticulously. I make sure I’ve got a cotton swab to fix any smudges I made. After the product dried, I brush my eyebrows to make it look more even and natural.

I’m glad the make-up artist taught me how to define my eyebrow and I made it part of my daily make-up routine !

Love, Kathleen

First time with coloured eye-brows (at the MAC make-up tutorial) !

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