Quote of the day : summertime

“I love summertime more than anything else in the world. That is the only thing that gets me through winter, knowing that summer is going to be there” – Jack McBrayer

Level 1… accomplished !

I seriously think there should be a support group for people who are having problems with facing the fact that summer doesn’t last forever… I would soooo definitely be a member !!! Summer is my favorite season and every year, when summer is nearing its end, I get a bit melancholic… I simply don’t like the days shortening and the mornings getting chillier. I just want to hold on to the summer season for as long as possible… which isn’t always easy as from mid August, you are confronted with it everywhere, whether you like it or not. In magazines, in shops, in the papers, on the internet, everywhere you look you there it is… “summer is coming to its end”, “back to school”, “what to wear next fall”. I try to ignore this for as long as possible and I am simply denying the fact that summer comes to an end.

God I so love summer… and every year it seems to get tougher saying goodbye to it! I dread those windy and rainy days when the sun hardly comes out, lunch breaks when I can’t set a foot out of the office as it’s pouring down with rain, Sundays that seem to be pointless as you can hardly get out because of the wind and darkness… even during daytime! For those who hadn’t figured it out just yet… I’m not a fall/winter kinda girl!!

But as fall/winter takes up half of the year, I must see the positive side and I have to make the best of it. To make the transition from summer to fall as painfree and smooth as possible, I follow a therapy that consists of several levels…

The first level takes place at the end of August. I buy some fashion magazines to do some research on what’ll be trending. I prefer to do the research whilst sitting in my garden in the sun with a glass of chilled rosé as a companion to make it more bearable. At the beginning of September, this research of course results in a first fall shopping spree, which can lighten up my day in an instant. Mind you, I am not looking forward to fall… no I am looking forward to wearing my new clothes !

Level two of my ‘how to survive fall/winter-therapy’ consists of turning my bathroom into a private health spa. This is prescribed once a week, but I am allowed as many doses as needed for those worst case scenarios. This level starts on the first really horrible Friday or Saturday evening of September. The prescription is quite elaborate, but has to be followed precisely: soaking in a hot bubbly bath, preferably for about an hour, with the following props : cleanser, face and body scrub, face mask, oil, candles, music (depending on the mood I’m in I’ve got a choice of jazz, lounge or nostalgic 80ies/90ies music) and then there is of course the obligatory glass of Shiraz to keep me company. All this can do the trick and make me forget that I actually don’t like fall !

Level 2… turning my bathroom into a health spa… (this, unfortunately, is not my bathroom… it’s the bathroom of a bed and breakfast near Amsterdam we stayed in some years ago !).

Level three begins at the end of September, which is the start of the many family gatherings, parties and outings that are lined up during these last months of the year. Nearly every weekend is taken with at least one activity, definitely enough to get me going !

Nice food and wine, a little candle, but above all… great company ! This picture was taken on one of our many family gatherings… surely this should be enough to get me through fall & winter ?!

Now if these three levels are taken with care and none of them is skipped, I can drag myself through the dreaded months and it actually makes me realise that even fall and winter have their charms !

Love, Kathleen

(Note : sometimes even these three levels are not enough. Chanting the mantra “you don’t have to shave your legs every other day in fall/winter” is then my last resolve…)

5 thoughts on “Quote of the day : summertime

  1. Firstly can I just say that bathroom is utterly magnificent – I NEED that level of gorgeousness in my bathing life!! Ahh I can only but dream lol Oh gee Kathleen you’re soooo like my sister… she is clinging onto the remnants of summer to! Yet because my fav season is autumn I’m totally packing away the flip flops, beach bags & suncream and digging out my damson coloured scarves instead – something that is unthinkable to her lol Well, enjoy the last few official weeks of it… I think it’s either the 23rd or 28th September it comes to an end! Roll on fall that’s what I say 😛 hehe Karen xxxx


    1. Hahaha Karen ! Not packing too much away at the moment as they promise better weather the second part of the week (I already asked for a day off this Friday !). And then about that bathroom… you should check what I wrote underneath the picture 😉 This, sadly, isn’t my bathroomn but the bathroom of a B&B I stayed in a couple of years ago ! There was actually no bathroom… the bedroom itself had a walk-in shower to die for and then this bath… heaven !!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haaaa… well fingers crossed the sun stays out for one more blast of summer sunshine for you lovely 😀 hehe Oh don’t worry, I read it – I initially thought it was yours and was thinking what a lucky lady… but bath goals for the both of us right?! lol Sounds utterly stunning, I need to go there just for the bathing experience lol XXXXX

        Liked by 1 person

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