The 50-day challenge : finally…

In July I had the crazy idea to do a challenge… a 50-day challenge of not buying any clothes, accessories or shoes… Now normally I regularly buy something… a T-shirt here, a pair of earrings there so 50 days were really challenging for me !

The first half went rather smoothly (as you could read here)… but how about the second half ?! With stores stocking up on fab fall fashion ?!

Well, my dearest followers, I am quite proud to say that I made it without buying anything at all ! I survived these 50 days really well thank you very much 🙂

What I did buy was some magazines like Elle, Feeling, Marie-Claire to do some research. Browsing through these magazines gave me inspiration for fall outfits. Instead of buying stuff, I made notes on which styles will be trending the coming season.

Did the research…

I even went to various stores to try heaps of new stuff for my fitting room fits (which will be posted really soon!) and no… I did not buy one single thing!

… did the fittings… now let’s have some action !

A bit earlier than other years I went through my fall and winter stuff. I really think that I will buy stuff more thoughtfully now as I did the research. This 50 day sabbatical made me think more about the things that are still missing in my wardrobe.

I did have some tough times of course with all those August day trips I did… Knokke, Antwerp, Brussels and then there was this fab boutique in my town that was selling out and those fantastic end of sale bargains that are now nowhere to be seen anymore… But I managed to avert all temptations !

Anyway… I’m off now… time to finally do some shopping !

Love, Kathleen

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