Fashion: A vibrant blouse

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This week has brought a couple of beautiful days weather-wise so I’ve really and truly chucked all my winter clothes away at the bottom of my wardrobe and brought out the bright and colourful stuff… like this blouse 🙂 Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: Grey sweater

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In spring I bought some stuff at Primark. One of my finds was this grey “is it the weekend yet” sweater. It was love at first sight and at 13 EUR I just couldn’t resist it. When reading this text I immediately thought of Violet Crawley from Downton Abbey (played by a sublime Maggie Smith) who once stuttered :‘what is a week-end’. She is absolutely priceless, our Violet Crawley!! Read more about my ‘is it weekend yet’ sweater!

Fashion: Military jacket

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When visiting Caen in Normandy in July (see the posts in tips ‘n trips about our Normandy trip : gardens, D-day, harbour towns), I bought this jacket in the summer sales at IKKS. I don’t know whether our D-day-trip had anything to do with it, but I fell for this military jacket with embellishments on the shoulders and lapel ! I was immediately drawn to this army chic style. Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: Patterned coat

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At the beginning of spring I bought this rather eccentric coat at H&M. It’s not something I would usually buy as it’s quite special. You either love it or hate it. Some people don’t get this coat… especially men are not that wild of this coat (it might be the storks…) but frankly I couldn’t care less. The fact that it was at a 50% discount persuaded me to make the purchase though ! Read more about this outfit!

Fashion: White jegging

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I’ve been to Primark in Brussels recently… I know… Primark… Boy was it crowded over there ! To be honest with you, I didn’t think it was a shop for a 40+ woman… but I actually bought some things there and I must confess… they will be seeing me again !

I have been searching for a white skinny jeans for quite some time now, but there was always something wrong : too shiny, too sheer, not elastic enough,… so when I tried on a white jegging at Primark, I didn’t put my hopes up. But was I in for a surprise !! Read more about this outfit!