Travel: Holland – Delft, a walk in the city centre and a visit to Royal Delft

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It’s been a while since I’ve treated you to a travelpost, but today you can read one about Delft and a visit to Royal Delft to be more precise!

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Travel: Holland – Groningen, Martini Tower and Prinsenhof

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Last week I took you on a stroll through the city centre of Groningen. We stay in the centre for today’s post, but we take a closer look to a particular part of the city centre: the neighbourhood around the Martini Tower and the Prinsenhof.

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France: Paris in a day – The classic itinerary

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Tour Eifel + carrousel

Last week you could read some tips on how to plan a daytrip in Paris. This was the first of three blogposts about spending a day in Paris.

In this second post I give you an itinerary which covers the highlights… bon voyage!
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Belgium: Mechelen – St-Rumbold’s Cathedral

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A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to Mechelen to have brunch and do some shopping. It had been years since I visited the city… Read more about our visit to Mechelen!

Travel recap n°5

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On this dark and gloomy December day, I will take you back on the past 15 tips ‘n trips posts… so if you want to know about walks ‘n castles, cities ‘n cathedrals, lakes ‘n high tea… you’d better stick with me for a while and read today’s recap! Take me to that recap!

France: Lille – Coke… and the Old Stock Exchange

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Last week I told you about our walk in Lille… today I fill you in with the two things I enjoyed the most whilst on our daytrip in Lille… Coke and the Old Stock Exchange! Read more 🙂

France: Lille – strolling around

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At least once a year, my sisters and I try to do a daytrip. This time we decided to  ask some of our closest friends to join us and so it happened… that on a cold November day we went to Lille in the north of France… Read more about our trip to Lille!