Fashion: LBD – Best outlet buy ever!


For November I chose a LBD I bought at Maasmechelen Outlet Village  5 or 6 years ago. It still is one of my favorite dresses and definitely my best outlet buy ever… probably the best outlet buy anyone could ever do… because, honestly, at 95% reduction, who could beat me ?! My sisters hate me for my expertise in outlet-shopping. I always find such fab things and when they go, they seem to only find these bad bargains which they never wear, so they gave up outlet villages and stores altogether.

Anyway, this dress is from Tommy Hilfiger and it must’ve been waiting especially for me… the right size, the perfect fit and a fantastic cut. When I looked at the pricetag… well, come on… 495 EUR reduced to 29 EUR ?!? Is this a joke ? They even gave me another 10% off as I had an ‘early bird reduction’ so this dress only cost met 26 EUR… can you believe it ? Well… me neither ! And everytime I wear this dress I just can’t get over the fact that it was such a bargain !

People tend to compliment me when I wear this dress. The cut is impeccable, the fabric is fab.

All in all it is a dress which will never go out of style. I wear it to various occasions and when in doubt what to wear, I tend to choose this dress.

I usually style this dress with a vest or with a lace top. The lace top gives the dress an instant chic look. I’m wearing my black mary-janes, which are high, yet comfortable. This outfit doesn’t need much bling so I just put on my ‘Royal collection’ earrings. I bought these earrings in London a couple of summers ago when I visited Buckingham Palace. And I love the tiny gold-coloured clutch! It once belonged to my mother’s aunt and it still has leather gloves in them! I rarely take this clutch with me, simply because it is so small. But it has accompanied me to a wedding and to a couple of parties, just because it is so fab, especially with this little bow on it.

What do you think of this dress ? Do you like it ? Do you like the lace top underneath ?

Love, Kathleen

I apparantly like wearing clutches with a LBD… here’s my fab blue one…

…and here’s my black one, also a hand-me-down from my mother’s aunt!






Photography : Peter Kluskens

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