Outfit of the week: LBSD – Little Black Summer Dress

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When in Utrecht last month my friend and I did some shopping. One of the mid-season sales I bought, was this cute, draped summer dress.

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Fashion: LBD – Long sleeves

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As it is the last Friday of January (wow… time really is flying!!!), it’s time for another LBD of the month. Read more about this LBD!

Fashion: LBD – The festive season

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The last Friday of the month and also the last Friday of the year! Now that calls for a festive little black dress, doesn’t it?! See more of this festive LBD!

Fashion: LBD – Best outlet buy ever!

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For November I chose a LBD I bought at Maasmechelen Outlet Village  5 or 6 years ago. It still is one of my favorite dresses and definitely my best outlet buy ever… probably the best outlet buy anyone could ever do… because, honestly, at 95% reduction, who could beat me ?! My sisters hate me for my expertise in outlet-shopping. I always find such fab things and when they go, they seem to only find these bad bargains which they never wear, so they gave up outlet villages and stores altogether. Read more about this LBD!

Fashion: LBD – Mer du Nord

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It’s already the last Friday of the month, so I’ve got another little black dress for you! The photos were taken in lovely Bruges, where my husband and I went a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my birthday. Soon you can read all about our trip, but this time I will tell you something more about my LBD I chose to wear that day. Read more about this LBD!

Fashion: LBD – Missoni

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For my first fall LBD-post, I opted for this flirty, short LBD I bought at an outlet. It’s a Missoni dress. I like buying designers’ clothes, but I must confess I rarely pay full price as most of the time I buy them on sale or at an outlet. When buying designers’ clothes, I tend to buy classic items, items which will last for several years. Read more about this LBD!

Fashion: LBD – Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

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The LBD of the month is a dress I bought on holiday in the Provence a couple of years ago. We were staying in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, which I can highly recommend visiting, especially on market day ! I like buying clothes on holiday. It gives that little extra, don’t you think ?? Every time you put something on you bought on holiday, it takes you back… but anyway, back to the LBD ! Read more about this LBD!

Fashion: LBD – Draped

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2015-07-31 LBD6

Last month I started this LBD-of-the-month post with a strapless dress (seen here and also at one of the last pictures in this post). As it is the last Friday of July… it is already time for the second LBD-of-the-month post.

A couple of years ago I was in Paris with my husband. We were in the Marais, a fantastic, bustling neighbourhood in the ‘City of Lights’. The LBD on show today I bought in one of the many little shops overthere. Read more about this LBD!

Fashion: LBD – Strapless

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Every last Friday of the month I will put a little black dress in the picture. As it’s the end of June and high summer is getting closer and closer, the LBD to start with is my strapless one.

I bought it several years ago at H&M for only 20 EUR and I do not regret this purchase at all ! I don’t wear the dress often, it being strapless. But it is such a basic dress which never goes out of style, so who cares that it is I don’t know how many years old ! Read more about this LBD!