6 – 100 – 1000 : THANK YOU!


I know… normally on a Tuesday my blog brings you a quote and some personal thoughts on that quote… but not today… oh no… today is a bit special. More for me than for you I guess… but let me explain myself to you…

6-100-1000… now what could that mean?


Exactly six months ago, on June 9th 2015, I started my blog…

The thought of starting a blog had been on my mind for months by then. I had read books on blogging, I had thought about the how’s and why’s, I had thought about what and when… and still…starting a blog scared me. The technical fuss bothered me, but most of all I was afraid what people would think of me… family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances,…

But one fine day at the beginning of June I plucked up all my courage and I made a WordPress account…

In the beginning I only let a couple of people know that I had a blog. I wanted to get the hang of it first and I wanted to have some content before spreading the word. I wanted to wait a couple of months to make my blog public, but my husband, my daughter and my sister insisted on doing that earlier as they found my blog really good (well… they are a bit biased I suppose…).

So after three weeks I made the ‘big’ announcement on my personal Facebook page… I made a Facebook page for “The good, the fab and the lovely” as well and I altered my personal Instagram account so that it would match my blog…

So there I was… another fish in the blogging pond 🙂

I must say that I am enjoying every single minute I spend on my blog… writing posts, planning trips, making photos, brainstorming about ideas,… I love it so much and I hope it shows in my blog!


Last Saturday, as I was editing some posts for the coming week, I got an orange alarm bell at the top right corner of my computer screen. The wordpress-bloggers amongst you guys now what that means… another comment/like… so I checked it and there it was… in a bright orange circle… the number “100”… “congratulations on getting 100 total follows”.

I never imagined that after 6 months I would have gathered 100 followers… honestly.

I started this whole blogging thing entirely for myself and actually that is still the main reason why I post everyday…  And up until now it isn’t a hard job to do as I just love it so much. For me it is the perfect combination of all the things I like : travel, beauty, quotes, fashion, writing, making photos,…

The fact that 100 people are following my blog (and many more are reading/viewing it) is a bit surreal to me… How can all these people want to know what I am writing? But it certainly is so rewarding… it certainly is extremely motivating… and it certainly makes me one very proud woman!!



And also last Saturday I got this lovely circle… 1000 likes so far on my blog… now that is even more surreal.

A thousand people who made the effort of liking something I have made… it certainly gives my self- esteem a boost 😀

It must definitely mean that I am doing something good… and I am so proud of myself that I made this blog from scratch! It’s like being my own boss 🙂


So… to all of you guys a big THANK YOU!!! I really mean that… from the bottom of my heart… I hope you will keep following and liking my blog… I hope you will keep having fun reading my posts and watching my photos…

I also want to say thank you to all my fellow-bloggers… I have already learned heaps from you! Especially the bloggers from the Facebook-group “Bloggerscafé” where I regularly post a question… there is always someone who knows the answer or who helps me think of a solution.

A big thank you as well to a very dear colleague of mine (you know who you are!) as she was the very first person I trusted with my blogging dream… She was so supportive and I had my very first brainstorming session with her. She really convinced me to start blogging.  She is a keen follower… thanks!

But most of all a special thanks to my family… I don’t know how many hours I have spent blogging these past six months but they keep supporting me, taking photos of my outfits, going on trips and museums with me, reading posts, hearing me sigh and curse when something goes wrong,…

Six months ago, I could never have hoped or dreamed that blogging would be so much fun… and I guess the journey has just begun!

So to all of you, whoever and wherever you are… THANK YOU!

Love, Kathleen

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14 thoughts on “6 – 100 – 1000 : THANK YOU!

  1. Waw Kathleen, een hele dikke proficiat!
    Het enthousiasme druipt inderdaad van je blog af en ik hoop daarom ook dat je nog heel lang zo mag genieten van je eigen online plek!


    Liked by 1 person

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