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Last week and the week before that, I already filled you in on some make-up products I will be using for my party make-up. Well, in today’s beauty post, you get to see my party make-up routine step by step.

On the collage above, you see all the products I used…

Left photo on the collage :

Step 1 : After applying my usual daycare products, I used the Pink Perfect Creme from Erborian. I bought this product about half a year ago and I use it when I want to do a bit of an effort. So it definitely belongs in a party make-up routine 🙂 This creme gives my skin a soft glow and is the perfect base for the rest of my make-up.

Step 2 : I’ve recently bought a new concealer and I’m quite satisfied with it! It’s the Match Perfection concealer and highlighter from Rimmel. I normally use my concealer under my eyes and a bit around my nose, but for a party make-up which has to last for hours on end, I tend to put a very fine layer on my nose, my chin, my eyes and my forehead. It makes your make-up really last longer! I’m really satisfied with this concealer as it doest what it says… conceal! I just don’t like the applicator. You have to squeeze the tube and then the product comes out of a little brush. But it is hard to get the right dose this way. I always end up squeezing too much out of it… I usually just squeeze a bit and put it on my fingers to apply the concealer with my fingers instead of with the brush.

Step 3 : Time for the foundation! I’ve bought the Max Factor Face Finity All day flawless. I will do a review on this foundation later.

Top photo on the collage: 

Step 4 : I use the bronzer from Mylène to give my face some shape.  I make the ‘3’-shape : I use some bronzer on my temples, my cheekbone and on my jawline. I also brush a bit underneath my chin.

Step 5 : I apply just a bit of Essence soo blush on the apples of my cheeks. I blend this cream blush with my fingers. It’s the first time I bought a cream blush and I like working with it as it blends in with my foundation.

Step 6 : The loose  powder I use is the Poudre Dermophile Translucide from T. Leclerc. The powder has a light texture and it matifies my complexion.  Leclerc offers lots of different colours, so check out which one does the trick for you!

Lower photo on the collage: 

Step 7 : I do a bit of highlighting with my contouring kit from Essence (Prime and Shine). I actually only use the highlighter of this kit. I apply it with a triangular sponge and I dab a tiny bit of the hightlighter on my nose, my chin, the top of my cheekbones and between my eyes.

Step 8 : To accentuate my eyebrows I use the eyebrow set from Mac. You can read the review of this eyebrow set here. I use it daily as I am so sattisfied with this product!

Step 9 : For my eyeshadow I use the “all about greys” palette from Essence. Two weeks ago you could read the review of this palette. For this look I used the colours from the lower row.

Step 10 : I used the darkest eyeshadow as an eyeliner, but at the outer corner of my upper eyelids, I also used a liquid eyeliner, just to get a bit more definition. I used the Sothys eyeliner (*) which I got at the Yapado Press days in November. The brush is very fine so you can really work neatly and very close to the eyelashes.

Step 11 : After curling my eyelashes, I used an eyelash primer from Mac. I bought this primer at the Mac tutorial I did in June. I use it nearly every day as it should intensify the volume and length of my eyelashes. I must say that I don’t notice any significant difference in my eyelashes… perhaps if I stop using it I will see a difference? Anyway, I bought that product so I am emptying it 🙂

Step 12 : When the primer has dried, I put on several layers of my mascara. I am currently using the Rimmel Wake me up mascara. I’m ever so satisfied with this product as you can read in the review

On the picture below you see me before, during and after applying all these steps…


Step 13 : The final step I apply just before I go out… my lipliner and lipstick! I forgot to take photos of these two products…but let me tell you a bit more about them! I used to wear my lipstick without a lipliner, but I read somewhere that you can get the perfect red lip by colouring your lips completely with a red lipliner… so I have bought a red lipliner of course! I didn’t pay a lot of money for it… It’s a lipliner from Essence but it certainly does the trick. First I contour my lips carefully and then I colour in my lips completely with the liner. I have tried this now several times and I must say that my lipstick really lasts longer! For my party make-up I use the red Dior lipstick I told you about in last week’s beauty post. It’s a vibrant red and it goes perfect with the dress I am wearing.

And ta-daaa… here’s the finished result… what do you think of my party make-up? Do you make more of an effort for your party make-up or not?

Love, Kathleen

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*The Sothys eyeliner I used in this look, was in the goodie bag I got at the Yapado Press Days.


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