Fashion: LBD – Long sleeves


As it is the last Friday of January (wow… time really is flying!!!), it’s time for another LBD of the month.

This time it’s a dress that I bought at HM two or three years ago and it was quite cheap (I think I bought it at 25 EUR, don’t know excactly anymore!).

It’s quite a short dress and the fabric is flowy which I like as that adds to the comfort of wearing the dress. The long sleeves have an elastic band at the wrist and the fabric falls loosely down my arms.

I like the ruffled effect at the cleavage. The little hook gives you a choice to wear the dress with an open or a closed cleavage, but I always wear it closed as that accentuates the ruffles.

The dress has an elastic band at the waist which looks a bit plain. To cover up that elastic band, I always wear the dress with a belt. In this outfit I added my comfortable black pumps. Black pumps definitely are a must-have!

So this already was LBD number 8! I’ve got a couple more coming 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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warming my hands on a cup of coffe 🙂
wearing the dress with my black pumps



Photography : Peter Kluskens

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