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In winter I like taking a long hot bath as some of you may already know. I usually enjoy lots of bubbles from one of my favourite bath foams of which you could read in this review, but when my skin is a bit dry I prefer using bath oil.

Mylène bath oil – aromatique & essential oil of rosemary


The bath oil I normally use is one that I buy at the Mylène homeparties my friends and I organise regularly. The oil comes in a beautiful blue glass bottle and it looks really pretty on my bathroom cabinet!

This oil is the perfect treatment for dry skin. As it contains mink oil, it has a healing effect on the skin. Whenever I have taken a bath with this oil, my skin is really nourished and even when I take a shower the next day, I can still see and feel the benefits on my skin.

The smell of this bath oil is really fresh and perfect to use as it is, but if you want a bit of extra scent, you can always add a few drops of the Mylène essential oil of rosemary. This essential oil stimulates the blood circulation and invigorates body and soul.

This essential oil doesn’t come cheap (20,55 EUR for this tiny bottle), but as you only need a couple of drops, it takes ages for this bottle to empty!

Two very good products and both in a beautiful blue glass bottle… you don’t hear me complain!

Louis Widmer – Remederm bath oil


Recently I got this sample of Louis Widmer Remederm bath oil at my local pharmacist. I used it this past weekend and actually I’ve got nothing but good to say…

First of all… the smell is absolutely divine! OK, I might have used a bit too much of this oil, so the scent will have been a bit stronger than it would normally be, but it really smells very nice.

This bath oil is a combination of 5 vegetal oils (borage oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, almond oil, jojoba oil) in addition to vaseline oil (which is a synthetic oil).

After taking a bath with this oil, my skin feels very hydrated. Much more so than after taking a bath with bath foam. As bath foam can be dehydrating, I’ve got the habit of hydrating my skin with coconut oil. But this time that wasn’t necessary at all!

Another bonus  of using bath oil (any bath oil that is), is that I can use the whirlpool function of my bath. That can be so relaxing!  I can’t use the whirlpool in combination with bath foam as it wouldn’t take long before my entire bathroom would be one giant bubble! So that is another reason why I regularly use bath oil…

Do you prefer bath foam or bath oil? Which brand can you recommend? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review on the benefits of mink oil.

8 thoughts on “Beauty : Bath oil

    1. Ik hou toch echt wel van lang badderen in de winterperiode hoor… maar eens april/mei is het even een bad-stop tot de herfst er aan komt 🙂 Ik gebruik de badolie dan verder onder de douche… heel voorzichtig want het is een glazen fles!!! Tot nu toe zonder brokken 😉 Groetjes en een fijne avond Ann!


  1. Heerlijk zo een olie in bad! Ik heb echt hele droge huid, dus ik gebruik het ook graag. Ook onder de douche, daar gebruik ik die van Rituals uit de Happy Buddha lijn of eentje van Rainpharma die ook naar citrus ruikt. Die frisse geuren voelen toch al een beetje zomers, haha! Maar rozemarijn is ook heel lekker!

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    1. Hey Stella, thanks for stopping by! I usually use bath foams as I like bubbles (in my bath ànd in my glass now I come to think of it!!)… but now and then I use bath oil so I can use the whirlpool function of my bath… I absolutely wanted that when we bought our bath, so I better use it from time to time 😉 Love, Kathleen x

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