Beauty : Mylène – Bath foams


I like taking a bath… a very long bath… preferably as hot as possible! I like my bath with lots of bubbles… heaps of bubbles… preferably divine-smelling bubbles! And for those bubbles, Mylène comes to the rescue 🙂 

Mylène is a Belgian beauty and skincare company which sells through homeparties. They have a wide range of bath foams. I have tried various Mylène foams over the years, but the last few years I stick with my three favorites :

Roses bath foam :


Now I ususally am not quite a fan of products that smell like roses. The scent is often really artificial but not with this product! The bath foam smells so natural and fresh and has such a subtle rose scent… it’s like you put your nose into a bouquet of fresh roses and who wouldn’t want to soak in a bouquet of fresh roses ?!

Herbal bath foam :


This foam is another favorite of mine. It is based on 6 herbs, but to me it is the smell of rosemary which is the most prominent… and I certainly don’t mind as I love rosemary! The bath foam smells absolutely divine. In summer, when it’s too hot to take a bath, I sometimes just open the bottle to have a sniff 🙂

Lavender bath foam :

The third one on my list is the lavender bath foam. My bottle has just been emptied, so I already put it on my shopping list for the next homeparty. It is another really natural, subtle, relaxing smell, which takes me on a trip to the Provence… it reminds me of all those lavender products you can buy on the markets over there. So 10 out of 10 for this smell!

The good part of all these foams is that they are all quite concentrated, so you don’t have to use a lot of product. But as I soak in my bath for nearly an hour, I put in a bit more than is advised as I want to have bubbles right until the end of my bath session.

Mylène products can not be bought in a store, but only at homeparties.

They have very good products and every couple of months my friends and I have another homeparty to stock up on our favorite products. I like the concept of a homeparty as it gives us the opportunity to buy our products whilst catching up with some friends over a glass of lovely wine… now how’s that for multi-tasking 😀

Love, Kathleen

These bath foams smell divine… and so do these perfumes… read about my favorite fragrances!

4 thoughts on “Beauty : Mylène – Bath foams

  1. Oog, wat een nostalgie. Dit waren mijn oma haar favoriete beautyproducten. Mijn oma was een echt optut-madammetje :p zelfs als ze in het ziekenhuis lag zou ze in hakken rondlopen. Na haar dood heb ik alle producties overgenomen. Als ik ooit de kans krijg een homeparty bij te wonen, koop ik zeker nog wat spulletjes 🙂

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