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I like using shower products from Nivea. Today I will tell you more about these two products : Nivea Shower Body Milk and Nivea Creme Smooth.

Nivea Creme Smooth

This shower creme from Nivea really smells lovely. It smells a bit softer than the original Nivea scent, but I like it very much.

The creme is quite thick. I usually put a bit of shower creme on a wash cloth, that way you don’t waste too much product. Mixing it with water it immediately starts foaming. It gives your skin a soft and hydrated touch. That’s probably because of the shea butter that’s on the ingredient list.

This Nivea Creme Smooth is a lovely shower creme to use but I wouldn’t say that my skin is hydrated enough to skip my body creme! Anyway, this is a lovely shower creme at a lovely price… a good and solid product!

Nivea Shower Body Milk


My skin needs a lot of hydration. Every day I smear it with body cream, body milk or body oil… on some days even twice! So I’m quite loyal when it comes to hydrating my body. But usually on Fridays I start a bit earlier at work. I hate getting up earlier though, so I try to sleep as long as I can, gaining time in my morning routine wherever I can… so that means skipping my body creme! To give my body the so needed hydration, I use this Nivea Shower Body Milk.

First I wash myself with the Nivea Creme Smooth (or another shower creme) and then I use the Nivea Shower Body Milk on my arms and legs. I rinse it with water, dry myself and I can immediately put on my clothes. It actually saves me a couple of minutes in the bathroom! And on an early Friday morning, every minute counts…

This Shower Body Milk has the same lovely scent ast the Creme Smooth so they complement eachother perfectly. This body milk is also enriched with shea butter so after my shower with both these products my skin is really soft and smooth. It doesn’t feel sticky or itchy at all.

I have noticed that this product is not for sale in every country. That won’t stop me from writing about it though as I am quite pleased with this product! If it isn’t for sale in your country, I hope it will be very soon and then I have only one more thing to tell you : try it out!

Do you know these Nivea products? Have you used them and what are your thoughts?

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review about the all-time Nivea classic creme!

5 thoughts on “Beauty : Nivea – Shower products

  1. Oh, die body milk voor onder de douche gebruiken wij ook heel gaag. We nemen altijd de cacao versie omdat we die het meest hydraterend vinden. Zo makkelijk om je na het douchen niet te moeten insmeren!

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